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Cole’s Story

Below is a brief synopsis of my friend’s life. Cole’s life has been redeemed, from alcoholic to servant of the one true God. It doesn’t matter what is in your past; God can use it for His glory when you surrender to Him!

But the Lord will redeem those who serve him. No one who takes refuge in him will be condemned.” Psalm 34:22

On Christmas Eve 2009, Oklahoma experienced one of its largest snowstorms in state history.  In its aftermath, I was snowed in at my home in Edmond, OK. on Christmas morning.  My holiday was looking even more bleak than the weather as I sat before my home office computer with a drink in my hand, hiding from the world in pain, fear, and shame.  Furthermore, this Christmas seemed to have no hope as I sat typing my mother’s obituary.  Four days earlier she’d taken her own life at age 64 as a result of her drug addiction.  It was at this moment, liver hurting to the point of tears, sitting at home alone at 40 years of age, that God told me that this would be my last Christmas – that if I didn’t seek immediate help for my drinking someone would be typing my obituary soon.

After a week in the hospital, 90 days of inpatient treatment, and a careful “re-entry” to life, God brought me to Scope Ministries.  It was here at Scope that I started the beginning of a journey with the Lord that I’d known since I was 10, but to whom I’d never fully surrendered.  As I dug in on my classroom work, I started learning about who He really is and that He created me for one true purpose – to have an intimate relationship with Him!

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