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Going Live!!

Today at 5:00 EST/4:00CST at, I will be live with Kathy Chiero in The Sitting Room. We will be discussing Life After Adultery. Shock, forgiveness, moving forward… Is it possible? Is there beauty after betrayal? How do we avoid becoming angry and bitter? How do we cling to hope that there are brighter days ahead?

What do I need from you? First, pray that God will speak through me. I don’t want to get in the way of what he has planned. Second, join us live online (or on the radio if you are in Ohio!). If you can’t listen today, I will post a link to the broadcast when it’s available.

Lord Jesus, you amaze me! How does a girl from Oklahoma end up where I am? How do you find me worthy to take these trials, hurts, and pains and create a ministry. My prayer today is simply that I might decrease so that you might increase, that you would let YOUR words flow from my mouth. I only want to be a vessel for honor, sanctified, useful to you, prepared for every good work. Let my words bring hope and encouragement to those who are hurting. Use me! I am yours!

4 thoughts on “Going Live!!”

  1. Just listed to this. Find myself in a similar situation. A big question I have is how long did your ex stay with this woman once you separated? Is he still with her today? I too was lied to for so very long. And more just coming out, just like your story. However, my ex is still with this woman today and continues to cause me pain each and every day as we exchange back and forth my precious beautiful 1 year old baby daughter who never had the “proper” chance, as I uncovered their affair (out of his many he had) when I was 12 weeks pregnant. How did you get past this big hurdle? Thankful to have found your blog. You are an amazing writer!

    1. In my situation, the other woman dumped him as soon as she discovered he was not just cheating with her but also on her. So, I never had to deal with that wound being ripped open over and over and over.

      Let me encourage you with two things. First, my sister divorced before her daughter’s first birthday. She was drug–literally–from my sister kicking and screaming to see her dad. My sister and my family did the best we could to provide a living, stable home environment. Today, my niece is an amazing, godly, well-adjusted dynamo! Despite her circumstances, god used them for her good.

      Second, this woman should have your pity. She is blind to the truth. If your ex has a history of infidelity, this other woman won’t change that. Eventually (if not already), she will be subjected to the same heartache and pain that you are experiencing. YOU DESERVE SO MUCH MORE! You are a princess, a child of the one true King! You are the apple of God’s eye! You are chosen, redeemed! You are his masterpiece, created for good works ordained for you long ago! I know it hurts, but don’t short-change yourself. Pour your energy into getting to know God, leading your daughter. Become the most amazing woman you can be! Show him what he gave up! He will regret it one day.

      Finally, forgive. It’s taken me five years to look on him with pity, to trust God to handle him, to remove the bitterness. But God can give you a heart of compassion for them both. And, you will be a stronger woman because of it–and an amazing example to your daughter!!

      Praying God’s greatest blessings over you! His strength is made perfect in our weakness; his grace is sufficient for us!

  2. I would really like to talk, I have 7 young kids and we are a blended family. My heart seems broken and hard. I want to know I’m going to be with my savior one day. I need someone to listen

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