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Just a few quick thoughts…

Hi, Friends!

I usually post mid-week. However, my plans have changed this week. Let me give you a quick update on what’s going on around here in Oklahoma.

First, if you have emailed me or commented on a post, please be patient! Let me assure you that I have read each comment and email, I have cried with you, I have prayed over you. And, I will respond as soon as I can. Between particularly busy work weeks, three kids with orthodontic/post-op/strep throat appointments, and an unusually high volume of emails and comments, I am simply running way behind. You all are precious to me! The way you open your hearts to me, pour out your hurts and concerns, ask for my opinion… I am absolutely blown away. My heart breaks for you, it rejoices with you. I long to be able to sit with each of you, wrap my arms around you as you weep over broken hearts and broken relationships. I rejoice with those who have found their way back to peace, to those who have the joy of seeing God’s redeeming power. My heart is full…

Second, here is a link to my most recent article at Crosswalk. It has obviously struck a chord with many. I hope that you can see how God chooses us for trials because of the work he has for us, because of the perfecting of our faith that he wants to accomplish in us. I will never forget the day I came to understand that I was chosen for this assignment. Somehow, it completely changed my mindset and put me on the road toward healing. While God doesn’t want any of us to experience the pain and hurt of divorce, he does allow it…and he allows it so that we can be changed into his image.

Finally, as I said, I have received an overwhelming number of emails/comments about my recent post on “To Reconcile…Or Not.” While most have been overwhelmingly positive… While I have had so many people tell me how much comfort they found in my words…. While many have told me that they are at peace in their circumstances for the first time in many years… I have also had my share of stones hurled at me. It is often covered in love and concern for me, but it is a judgmental and critical spirit that holds to one specific interpretation of difficult scriptures. I would really like to take some time to dive more deeply into this topic. I have been accused of being blinded by pride and anger. While I know I am not perfect by any means, while I know that pride is something I must fight, I will stand and firmly defend myself from these attacks because I know the battle I have fought to overcome guilt and condemnation. It’s a fierce battle that is not easily won, and I refuse to let anyone steal my peace, joy, and hope.

Anger? I initially said no, I’m not angry. But, to be honest, I am. I have a fierce and righteous anger welling up inside of me. It is burning deep within as I am faced with critical spirits and judgmental attitudes. I am angry that my fellow Christians who have suffered unbelievable hurt and pain at the hands of a spouse would also face more hurt and pain at the hands of Christians. Granted, these individuals mean well. But, we must always be careful when we believe that our way is the only right way.

With that said, I would like to take some time to put together another post on some of the interpretations of scriptures dealing with divorce. However, it will take me some time (hopefully not more than a couple of days…if no more children drop to strep throat…). I will give you one quick hint: where there is a gray area in scripture (and there are multiple interpretations of these passages), I will always err on the side of grace and mercy and love.

Until I can get back with you, be blessed. Know that someone cares. Know that you are in my prayers. Know that just as God promises to be close to the broken-hearted, I am close to you in my spirit.

4 thoughts on “Just a few quick thoughts…”

  1. Your words are exactly what I have been through. My children and friends ask how am I so happy and positive through such difficult times. My response is my faith in God has guided me. I put these problems in the hands of God and focus on all the blessing God has given me in my life. I know God is caring me through this and I reflect upon “Foot Prints in the Sand”. I know that I could not possibly get through the craziness of the past year without being carried by God. Your words are beautiful. God bless you and your family. Thank you so much!

    1. I don’t know how anyone makes it without God guiding, carrying. He is my sustainer, my provision, my everything. Thanks so much for your precious words of encouragement! God bless!!

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