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Master Your Emotions

Do you have negative, unwanted emotions that keep you from being able to create the experiences and relationships you desire?

Do you feel like your emotions hijack your life?

Or hold you hostage to your circumstances and relationships?

Do you wish you could keep your cool more? Or stop yelling at your kids?

I can remember a time in my life when I felt these ways too.

Managing our emotions is an important skill in life. Yet too often this important topic doesn’t get talked about. It can be uncomfortable and make us feel ashamed that we struggle in these ways, after all, who likes to admit that they just lost their s**t on their kids yet again. Or left another conversation knowing you let them ‘get under your skin’ in ways that you wish they couldn’t. Or maybe you, once again, felt like a little child caught stealing candy during a recent family gathering and you hate how every time you get with family, you seem to be unable to show up in a powerful way.

I am excited to tell you about a FREE online web series called Master Your Emotions: How to respond powerfully to any situation so you get what you want from your life and relationships.

Click here to get access:

This series is hosted by my colleague, Sarah Hanna, and in it myself and other knowledgeable, skilled, down to earth, easy to understand experts discuss how to change unwanted, negative emotions by implementing proven and practical skills that enable you to respond powerfully to your situations and relationships.

You’ll learn tools and tips to help you manage your emotional reactions, thereby creating an opportunity for you to consciously choose how you want to respond.

You’ll learn the best way to interrupt yourself when you find yourself suddenly overwhelmed by knee-jerk reaction.

You’ll also learn what you can do to prevent those knee-jerk reactions from happening to begin with.

You’ll hear experts speak into the pain that out of control emotional reactions bring and offer hope, and understanding, by discussing why managing your emotions can often be so difficult and what you can do to change that.

I have your seat saved to attend. You can register by using this link:

This series is an awesome opportunity to gain relief from emotional overwhelm and begin to create the life, and have the kind of relationships, that you long for. I’m thrilled this information is available to my tribe and I was able to be a part of such an important series.

Register for the Master Your Emotions series now and reserve your spot in order to hear these amazing interviews.

Link again:

Join today and get ready to change your story.

Many blessings on your emotional mastery journey.

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