Disqualified. The word echoed through my mind as I contemplated my future. I had dedicated my life to ministry, to serving the God who had been so faithful throughout my life. But now, I had the scarlet letter “D” hung around my neck for all to see. My unwanted divorce had permanently disqualified me from… Continue reading Disqualified


Pulled in Four Directions

I recently had the opportunity to visit with a sweet single mom in Australia. She sent me this words that most every mom will understand as she grapples with the tension of co-parenting with a difficult, abusive father. Don't miss the fifth pull on her life.  ** Pulled in 4 directions...  Balancing the tension, taming… Continue reading Pulled in Four Directions

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The Hope Of Christmas 2020

Tonight, December 21, 2020, shortly after sunset, I will be outside peering into the western sky, looking for the 2020 Christmas star. But I don’t see it as just a once-in-a-lifetime astronomical event. No, I will see a promise that my Father is faithful. I will see a reminder that He hasn’t forgotten us.

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A Prayer for the Grieving at Christmas – Revisited

Perhaps you too feel as if this year has been a nightmare, destroying your peace and security. Perhaps you feel as if your very life is crumbling, collapsing. Perhaps you can no longer hold in the tears, no longer pretend everything is just fine.