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We’ll Figure It Out

I was born an organized, detail-oriented, planner. Literally. My mom was unconscious for five days after I was born. By the time my mom and I were stable enough to come home, the nurses had me on a strict schedule. I would take a bottle and go to bed at 10:00 pm, and I would… Continue reading We’ll Figure It Out

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Crazy God-Given Dreams

There’s a movie called, “The Gods Must Be Crazy.” I can’t say I have ever watched the movie, but there are times I feel that way about my God. Have you ever really looked at the things God asked people to do? He told Noah to build a huge boat because He was going to… Continue reading Crazy God-Given Dreams

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To Trust…or Not to Trust

2016. It is definitely a year I won’t forget. Death. Illness. Surgery. Financial struggles. New relationship. And kittens. Yes, kittens. Several months ago, I told you about our cat, Tigresse. She was one of a kind. She was our gopher hunting, mouse killing, door opening four-year-old cat. But, I use the term “was.” Back in… Continue reading To Trust…or Not to Trust

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A Thorn in the Flesh

I am locked in a prison of silence. Yes, as I write this post, I am on day ten of laryngitis. It seems to be a semi-annual affair for me. One minute I am fine; the next, my voice is faint, high-pitched, and very, very squeaky. I’ve been told that I sound like Minnie Mouse… Continue reading A Thorn in the Flesh

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I Write Because…of You

Several years ago, I was dealing with the fresh pain of my divorce. The wounds were still gaping, and pain was my constant companion. One Sunday, I went to church. I was blessed that “our” church continued to love on me and support me (for the most part). What happened on this particular Sunday, however,… Continue reading I Write Because…of You

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Dena and the Blue Bow Tie

Have you ever done something humiliating out of complete innocence? Embarrassed yourself because of your own naiveté? Kept that mistake buried for years? When the secret came out, you had to live with the humiliation for the rest of your life? I’ve made two such mistakes. The two biggest mistakes of my life (well, maybe… Continue reading Dena and the Blue Bow Tie

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Zip! Bang! OBU!

It happened again. I made a last minute decision to attend homecoming at Oklahoma Baptist University, my alma mater. As I stepped onto campus, the steeple of Raley Chapel towered majestically in the distance. The bells began to chime, and the words began to ring through my mind… OBU! All hail thy name! Sons and… Continue reading Zip! Bang! OBU!