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Second Chances

Not only do I have a great movie about redemption to share with you, but I get to give away TWO TICKETS to the movie!

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“You provide the willing heart and I’ll provide the miracle.” This phrase is packed full of more truth than you can imagine. And, it’s a truth Rick and Tiffany Bulman have lived. In their new book Mended, the Bulman’s tell the powerful story of their reconciliation after Tiffany’s adultery. They both provided willing hearts, and… Continue reading Mended

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Come With Me

There we were, gathered around the table. Jesus, the twelve disciples, and myself. I watched Jesus closely, mesmerized by His every move, His every word. And that’s when He stood, grabbed a towel and a basin. One by one He knelt at our feet, taking the form of a servant. Peter. James. John. Love emanating… Continue reading Come With Me