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Jesus Live

I recently shared about seeing Jesus live at the Sight & Sound Theater. Now is your chance to see it live even if you can't get to the theater!

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A New Perspective

I settled into my seat on the last leg of my flight home after a simultaneously encouraging and exhausting weekend with other writers. I wrapped up in my blanket from my new friend, Denise, anticipating my arrival home and longing for the love and presence of my precious family. As I looked out the window… Continue reading A New Perspective

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A Legacy of Billy Graham

The last two weeks have been filled with the news of Billy Graham’s death…or more appropriately, his grand entrance into eternity with his Savior. When I first learned of his death, I was preparing to attend the funeral of a college friend of mine, a man who left this life way too soon but most… Continue reading A Legacy of Billy Graham

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Help Wanted!!

I am nearing completion of my book manuscript. How exciting is that? As I pray through each chapter, I can only ask that God will use my words to bring hope to hurting people around the world. I pray that those walking through the pain and devastation of adultery and divorce find practical steps to… Continue reading Help Wanted!!

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I Love to Tell the Story

Perhaps you remember the words of the old hymn: I love to tell the story ‘Twill be my theme in glory To tell the old, old story Of Jesus and his love Growing up, we frequently sang those words in church. The hymn has always been a favorite of mine. But today, it has new… Continue reading I Love to Tell the Story

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Guess What?

I am going back into the Sitting Room with Kathy Chiero next week! I don't know about you, but sometimes Mother's Day puts me into a funk. Maybe it's because I feel so overwhelmed with doing it all by myself. Maybe it's because I feel like no one really notices how much I sacrifice as… Continue reading Guess What?

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Going Live!!

Today at 5:00 EST/4:00CST at, I will be live with Kathy Chiero in The Sitting Room. We will be discussing Life After Adultery. Shock, forgiveness, moving forward... Is it possible? Is there beauty after betrayal? How do we avoid becoming angry and bitter? How do we cling to hope that there are brighter days… Continue reading Going Live!!