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Kent’s Story: A Single Phone Call

The phone rang. Phone calls are ordinary events that happen in our lives every day, several times a day. I grew up in a time where our family had a party line, where you had to count the number of rings to see if it was for your family and even if it was not… Continue reading Kent’s Story: A Single Phone Call

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From Muslim to Christ

Oh my goodness! I have been overwhelmed! Thank you so much to everyone who wants to tell their story! I have shed tears as I read the stories of God's faithfulness! I can't wait to share each and every one with you. I wanted to start with Yasmen's story. What an amazing testimony she shares!… Continue reading From Muslim to Christ

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I Love to Tell the Story

Perhaps you remember the words of the old hymn: I love to tell the story ‘Twill be my theme in glory To tell the old, old story Of Jesus and his love Growing up, we frequently sang those words in church. The hymn has always been a favorite of mine. But today, it has new… Continue reading I Love to Tell the Story

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The Real Gift

Here is a guest post from a friend of mine. Enjoy! *****************************                                                               By Cole Mitchell As we enter another Christmas season and consider all that we have to be grateful for, all that brings us joy and happiness, I’m certain that most of us look at our children and grandchildren as amazing gifts… Continue reading The Real Gift

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Hunter’s Story

Jessica and Brandon faced a tough situation with their 11 year old son. The storm of seeing your son face open heart surgery is more than any of us ever wants to face. ******************************************** Hunter was born on April 5, 2002.  In September of 2003 he had a high fever and ear ache.  We took… Continue reading Hunter’s Story

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Cole’s Story

Below is a brief synopsis of my friend's life. Cole's life has been redeemed, from alcoholic to servant of the one true God. It doesn't matter what is in your past; God can use it for His glory when you surrender to Him! "But the Lord will redeem those who serve him. No one who… Continue reading Cole’s Story