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If we want to find the freedom God created for us, we must be willing to bring our sins into the light

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Is It Time to Date?

One of the questions I am asked most frequently is, “When can I start dating after my divorce?” There are multiple variations: Can I date during the divorce process, even if my divorce isn’t final? Divorce Care says not to date for at least a year. Is that true? I have to be honest: I… Continue reading Is It Time to Date?

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Why I Choose Purity

I recently watched a video clip from The View, a women’s talk show. The hosts were discussing a newly married couple who posted a picture of her virginity certificate on the day of their wedding. The bride had made a promise to her father that she would remain pure, saving herself for marriage. And, on… Continue reading Why I Choose Purity

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Lessons from a Loogie

Several years ago, I took my kids to the local amusement park. One of their favorite rides is known as the Schooner. It’s a large ship with rows of seats. It swings back and forth like a pendulum, going higher and higher. My kids love to be in the very top row of seats. On… Continue reading Lessons from a Loogie

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Forbidden Fruit

I remember when my husband first confessed to me that he had an attraction to another woman. I responded, “Temptation is not a problem. It’s what you do with that temptation.” At that time, we sought counseling. I allowed him to talk about his feelings openly, acting as a counselor to him myself. I did… Continue reading Forbidden Fruit