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Picking Up the Pieces – 7 years later

While I can’t imagine losing everything in a tornado, I am reminded of the storm that hit my life over seven years ago. My perfect life as pastor’s wife and mother was hit by an EF-5 known as adultery and divorce.

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Be On Guard!

In Oklahoma, few things are more certain than the uncertainty of the weather. Thunderstorms are simply a way of life for us. Many of us love the sound of the thunder and the flash of lightning. There’s no better sleeping weather than right in the heart of storm season. We are even growing accustomed to… Continue reading Be On Guard!

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Survive ‘n’ Thrive Recap

Many of you are aware that I recently had the privilege of speaking at the Survive 'n' Thrive Single Mom Conference in Oklahoma City. I wanted to share a very brief recap of what I shared with the ladies. I should be recording my session soon, and it will be posted on the Arise Ministries… Continue reading Survive ‘n’ Thrive Recap

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The Ultimate Safe Room

A friend, who has never been to Oklahoma, asked me to describe our state. “Think oil,” I began. “Lots of oil. And earthquakes. And droughts. And floods. And blizzards. And ice storms. And tornadoes. Lots of tornadoes. Big tornadoes.” Certainly makes you want to come visit, huh? And, it probably makes you wonder why any… Continue reading The Ultimate Safe Room

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Picking up the Pieces

In the month of May, Oklahoma was hit—HARD. Every single day, I drive by areas of tornado destruction. On every street, there are piles of trees by the road. Fences are blown down or propped up with pieces of wood. Roofs are covered with tarps. Signs are blown out or down. Trees lay across fences.… Continue reading Picking up the Pieces


Lord, Send an EF-5!

Tornadoes have been on my mind A LOT in the last few weeks. As I’ve mentioned, I’m from Oklahoma. Normally by the first part of June, storm season is winding down. But this year, it didn’t get started until late May. Even as Moore begins the long process of rebuilding from the EF-5 that devastated… Continue reading Lord, Send an EF-5!


Here we go again… #prayforoklahoma

I have lived in Oklahoma most of my life, and there’s only one word to describe the last two weeks: UNBELIEVEABLE! I know I have been on edge since the tornado devastated Moore last week. It’s as if everything in my life is out of whack—the way I eat, exercise, work. I am so distracted,… Continue reading Here we go again… #prayforoklahoma


God is good…ALL the time

It has been quite a week around here. You see, I am from Oklahoma. When I left for work Monday morning, I called my dad and asked him to keep me informed about the weather. I could tell that we were in for a severe weather day, but never did I dream that it would… Continue reading God is good…ALL the time