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If you have prayer requests, please feel free to comment below. This will allow me to review requests and pray over them regularly. You may also email requests to me at  I also invite my readers to pray over requests listed below.

I also tell you this: If two of you agree here on earth concerning anything you ask, my Father in heaven will do it for you.” Matthew 18:19

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  1. I ask that you pray over my spirit, my marriage, & my parenting skills. My husband & I just recently married in March, however 2 days before the wedding I was knocked down by the news that my fiancé had been sleeping with a co worker for 9 months (pretty much the entire time we were engaged) the “affair” was pretty deep, the word love was involved. He took her on dates and even bought she & I similar gifts for Christmas, Valentines, & Birthdays. He later confessed that he just couldn’t stop. The affair was addictive. I asked if he loved her & to my surprise he said he questioned if he did. He said it was a thrill more than anything, he found someone willing to do whatever for him while he accepting his family. Needless to say we still married with my now husband promising that he would protect my heart and be a better man for our kids (we have two beautiful daughters; 1 & 3) however now I am being haunted by the affair. I resent him, I honestly feel like I hate him. We have been together since 15 years old and I have never shared myself with another soul. I feel like I’ve wasted time. I feel incomplete, like how I can trust a man that has shared MY deepest secrets with another woman? I was molested for years as a child by a cousin which is a secret I’ve held onto until meeting my husband now I feel as if the world knows my secret because the woman and her friends have pretty much called me making fun of my secret. I’m seriously considering leaving my marriage. My husband is fighting for us daily but I fear it’s too late and I can’t see myself being with him any longer.

    Wow! I’ve never shared my feelings with anyone else before, it actually felt great! I want to thank you for your testimony. It’s truly inspiring and uplifting! Be encouraged honey, you are definitely an angel!

    1. Oh, Ashley! I’m so sorry! I feel the pain, the devastation all over again as I read your words. Knowing that there was an unwelcome third party in every moment of your life…it’s beyond comprehension.

      And, it’s completely understandable to want to leave. But, I have three thoughts: 1. You must forgive. Whether you stay in the marriage, you must forgive. Forgiveness frees you; it doesn’t excuse him. 2. If he is truly trying and has truly changed, don’t run too quickly. It could be the most amazing change in your relationship. But he needs to be willing to do whatever it takes for the rest of your life. 3. Pursue God. Your husband is not meant to complete you; Christ completes you. He is the one who can heal you, love you perfectly, make you whole and complete. Give him all your heart, all your life. Let him take this mess and give you a story of redemption!

      Lord Jesus, I lift Ashley to you. I pray that you would collect all the pieces of her shattered heart and put them together again. I pray for freedom from the pain that she carries, freedom from shame and humiliation that she carries. Let your forgiveness flow through her so that she can be set free. Help her to pursue you wholly, knowing that only YOU can complete her. In Jesus name I pray, amen.

      1. Amen. The blessings are not in what you lost it’s in what you have left. If he has truly made God the head of his life God will return to you all the years that the canker worm as stolen. If you really love him stay with him. You are letting your emotions make head decisions. Your heart can fool you into making decisions you will regret later. Take every thought into captivity. The enemy wants to destroy marriages because that leaves your kids uncovered for attack. Your end will be better than the beginning.

    2. as I read Dena’s blog today, I was remind that man should love his wife as God loved the church. I’ve always heard that in church but never really applied it to my life. I always looked at it as God is talking to the men. But in reverse he is also saying to women should be loved by their husbands as much as GOD loves the church. But it really clicked with me until today.. as I thought about it, was my eyes open to that kind of love?, did i expect the same thing as God did? Did I really marry a man that loved me as God loved the church?…No!! I didn’t understand that kind of love . Oh how things would have been different and how different if I had listened to God on how a man is to love a women, So I feel partially to blame for the way I’ve been treated/ not loved/ not respected etc But I cant beat myself up over that. I find great solace reading this blog and thinking what a difference I can make with my children.when i teach my children this… my sons they should love their wives and daughters and how they should be loved. maybe this lesson is for me to help in guide them into adulthood, and their future spouse and , marriage So when i read your story, please don’t see as time wasted, it’s a lesson…It is GOD working in your life now. Your uneasiness /questioning your situation …It is GOD. Its time to take back your life and be loved as God intended!!!!
      GOD loves you!

      1. Amen! You are so right! We deserve to be loved as God loved. It’s one of His greatest desires to see a man give himself up for his bride. And, now that I’m on this side of it, it’s amazing to have someone love me in that way. Don’t let go. Hold him (and your kids) to a higher standard. Let God’s love show through you. Hold tight to Him and see the miracles He can make happen.

  2. Dena,

    How can we pray for you? I saw your article “3 Incredible Truths Every Divorced Christian Needs to Know” today on Church Leaders FB page. Thank you for sharing this.

    1. Thank you, Lani. I went to that page because I had no idea I was over there. I was so disheartened by all of the condemnation. I can take it, but there are masses of hurting souls looking for a safe place to find healing. When the condemnation is thrown so freely, those souls are going to be turned away from the only hope they have, Jesus Christ. I want to be a beacon of light and hope and encouragement! I want those hurting souls to know they are not condemned, but instead loved. I want them to know they are not forced to live a lonely existence, pining away for an unfaithful spouse. Instead, God has an abundant life for them! That is my hope and prayer, that I can be a light to a hurting world.

  3. I ask for prayer for healing of self esteem and the ability to forgive. I’m 5 years out from my husband leaving. It came as such a shock to me. I felt so happy and loved. We were both Christians and had a wonderful group of friends and family and two great kids. Right before we celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary he started being cold and distant. I found out from a friend that he was having an affair with a co-worker. I was sure he would want to work on our marriage but he never did and left to be with her. It still is so painful to think of what we had and what could have been. I try so hard to not let his life bother me but it does. Sometimes I feel as though God is not in control when things like this happen. My ex has happily moved in with his mistress and everything seems to be going well for them.

    1. Andrea, I am so, so sorry. The pain and rejection is excruciating. But, just as God looked down on Hagar in the Old Testament, he looks at you. He whispers, “I see your hurt, your pain. I will take every tear, every pain. I will make you strong, give purpose to your pain. Give it to me and trust me.” And he is faithful! He will see you through and give you a beautiful new life. He will bind up your wounds. He will love you.

      I pray for my friend today that she would meet you, her Great I Am. I pray that you would be exactly what she needs, exactly when she needs it. Give her strength. Give her hope. Give her vision for her future. Bind up her rounds and heal her broken heart. In Jesus name I pray, amen.

    2. i feel your pain andrea the same thing happened to me however i knew the woman and somewhat considered her a friend.i have found comfort in the word of GOD..for he says whatsoever a man sows that will he also reap trust and believe they will reap!!! stay encouraged and remember all things work together for the good of theM that love the LORD!!!!

    3. God can preach more to you through things you go through than He ever will through sermons you hear. You will learn more about God when you’re sick, unemployed, parents die, child goes to jail or love ones that disappoint you. God uses things in your life to show you He’s still in charge. Don’t take the presence of the storm to indicate the absence of God. There are all kinds of storms: health storms, physical storms, financial storms and emotional storms. I’m not talking about the storms that rain down water, lightning and thunder; talking about storms that other people can’t see. The undetectable storms, the storms that make people think you haven’t been through anything. When you’re going through a visible storms people will share their umbrella, pick you up at the door because they are aware of your suffering. I’m talking about those secret storms where there is no comfort there because nobody knows. They’ll be envious of the car you drive, not knowing it’s two payments behind. They are envious of your promotion, not knowing you have can’t sleep at night. When we’re in a storm we sometimes wonder where is God? Job said, “I looked for Him, He was there a minute ago, but I looked for Him. I looked on the right side and He was not there, and I looked on the left side and perceived Him not.” We sometimes ask, if God is with us we would have no storm. If God was really with us, we’ll be happy. Remember this……”you cannot see in a storm.” That’s why He tell us, “walk by faith and not by sight.” Don’t look for God to be sensual in your storm. He will not appeal to your senses, your senses add to your comfort. God will not make you comfortable in your storm. Just because you are in the presence of the storm, the storm does not negate the presence of God, nor does it indicate the absence of God. If you really want to see God do His best work, “GET IN TROUBLE.” He doesn’t do His best work in the church. If you want to know where God lives, He lives in trouble (ask me). The Bible says, “He is a very present help in the time of trouble.” If you are looking for God He’s in the storm. He may not be saying anything Peter. You may find Him asleep on the boat in the bottom of the ship, but don’t think He jumped off the boat because you’re in a storm. He is with you in the storm! Anytime God promises you something get ready for trouble. He never promises the obvious. You give a promise when you know something is going to come and make you doubt. If I write Stacie a check, the check is a promise that the money is there. Whenever God promises you something, He saying you may not have it your realm right now, but I promise you. He said, “when you pass through the water I’ll be with you.” Don’t be so aware of your circumstances that you lose God in the storm. You have two options.. You can take your chances and roll with the Temptations and sing…..”I want a love I can see. That’s the only kind that means a thing to me.” Or, sing like Johnny Nash…..I see clearly now the rain is gone and stand on the promises of God? Have a grateful day

  4. Dear Dena,
    Thank you so much for your article. It was what God wanted me to read at this moment!! Today was a really bad day. I’m a Christian going through a divorce after 27 years. My husband has always been an alcoholic, commited adultery and now is abusing pain pills along with the drinking. I have prayed and prayed and one day recently, enough was enough. He was getting a little violent and disrespectful. I felt God tell me He doesn’t want me to suffer and wanted only good for me. So I then finally felt the urge to step aside. I have always felt Him tell me he sees me and sees how hard I worked on my marriage!! I know I wasn’t the perfect wife by any means! But God new my heart because I only wanted to please God!!! Your article surely helped me more than I can express!! Thank you so much!!
    your sister in Christ!

    1. Thank you, Kim. I am sorry for your hurt, your pain. But I know what it is to be set free from an unhealthy marriage. And God does set us free! God will take your heart. He will do an amazing work in you. And he will then do an amazing work through you. Hang in there sweet friend!

  5. I just happened upon your blog and article about Christian women divorcees. It gave me hope. I am afraid my story is similar to yours. God promised me restoration of this marriage but my husband’s heart is hardened as he is deeply involved with another woman. He has had multiple affairs throughout our marriage which I have just discovered. The pain is unbearable. He has told me I’m sorry I found someone better than you… Divorce is in the process.. My only hope is that there is a divine purpose for this pain. I have drawn closer to my Savior and He has been my source of strength. I don’t see the light at the end of this tunnel but I have to believe there is a greater purpose. My husband’s sex and alcohol addiction has him bound and Satan has a firm grip on him. Please pray for me as I try to navigate my way through this.

    1. My husbands heart is also hardened like cement. He started cheating 18 months ago and has been with one woman for a year. She was also cheating on her spouse. He claims to be born again and know the bible but says it’s between him and God. Our 21year old only child hasn’t spoken to him all this time. She finds it disgusting. My heart is devastated as we still live together. He’s attempted to purchase property 4x but God put up obstacles. My brain knows the word but my heart is just so shattered and I am unable to see that there will be anything but sadness the rest of my days. My daughter and I only have his family and I am no longer invited to any family gatherings and she won’t be either. I feel so alone even though God says He will never leave me. My future just looks so bleak.

      1. Oh, Sherry. I am so sorry. It all sounds so familiar as I’ve walked the same path (except I’m blessed with an amazing family). In the early days, I couldn’t imagine how life could go on, how I could ever enjoy life again. But, my life is so much fuller, more abundant than it ever was before or than I ever could have imagined! I promise that if you surrender, God will carry you through. You will find his provisions at every turn. You will learn of his tender loving care for you. You will find a faithful loving God who will be more than you could have ever imagined. He has great plans for you! Cling to his word, his promises. They will never fail!

      2. You have to figure out if you’re dealing with a Confidant or Constituent….

        Confidant vs. Constituent

        The Confidant’s commitment is to you not to your cause. The confidant is in it with you because of you, not because of your cause. You are the center of their gravitation pull. And if you have confidants you have to remember to fed your confidants. They are not in it for the money, prestige or title; they are in it because of you. If you start starving your confidants of your attention they will wither up and die. Their only attraction was not the cause but to you. The confidant lives and breathes off their relationship with you.

        Your constituents are with cause, not you. They’re only with you because of the cause. They’ll confuse you because they look just like a confidant. They’re walking right beside you just like a confidant. They talk the same language as a confidant, but they’re there because of the cause and not because of you. These are constituents their attraction is the mission. You can still have them with you, but you have to know why they’re with you. They’re with you as long as you’re getting them closer and closer to the mission. They walk just like the confidant but they will leave your fellowship and jump onto another person’s fellowship because it’s helping to get them closer to where they’re trying to go. It was never about you in the first place it was about the cause and if it furthers their agenda they’ll leave you. You thought they loved you and it was never about you, it was about IT (agenda). The difference between the confidant and the constituents is motives. They do the same thing, but they do it for different reasons. The reason people get it confused is because they’re both doing the same thing. They’re working, standing beside you, in it to win, trying to encourage you, and fighting the good fight. One of them will be with you even if the cause goes down. One will be with you even if someone comes and offers them a quick road to get there without you. The other if they think there may be a quicker route they will leave in a heartbeat.

  6. I just read your article and can’t believe how it spoke to so many things on my heart. I’ve struggled in an unhappy marriage for 22 years and was believing God to do something miraculous. In March I received a text message from him that was clearly meant for someone else. We had gone through an affair back in 1999 so I wasn’t shocked but I have come to find out that he lied to me the first time I net him

    1. I’m so sorry, Caryn. I know the heart break, the hurt, the rejection. I also know that God will be your Great I Am, your everything. He will carry you through, give you a new life. God has great plans to redeem your life from the grave. Isaiah 43:18-19.

      Lord Jesus, I lift Caryn to you and pray that you would wrap your arms around her. Help her to know your love, your strength, your presence, your grace. Pick up the pieces of her broken heart. Put it all together, giving her the beautiful life you have planned for her. In Jesus name I pray, amen.

  7. Hi Dena-
    I was on FB and I ran across a blog post you did on divorce – I literally bawled my eyes out!
    I am going through the big “D” word! My story is close to yours with the exception that my husband literally got up one day (he’s working on a project in Houston) went to Houston and NEVER returned- to me, that is. He will come back once every two to three weeks but wont communicate with me. I found the email that basically proved he had moved in with his affair partner. I will NEVER EVER EVER understand what has just happened to me- to us. I didn’t see this coming and I’m far from stupid or ignorant or air-headed!
    God has literally pulled me so close to Him- and although this pain is FAR greater than what I feel I can sometimes bear-(sometimes I welcome death) I will NOT change one thing that He is doing with me-but your blog REALLY helped me see what Jesus is trying to do with me and sometimes I fight it- but it’s just because I am so hurt – confused – CRAZY!! I wake up in the middle night and think I’m in the Twilight zone! Who stays married 23 years and then just gets up and walks away???? Well when I look back at his past- he’s got a pattern of doing this- well husband, LIMERENCE will wear off- Now I really feel betrayed!!!! I could go on and on- as I’m sure you well know – but I just wanted to THANK YOU!!! And I thank God for showing me that post!!!

    1. Oh, Deb! How I understand everything you say! The twilight zone. The confusion. The pain. The betrayal. The devastation. It is all so real. But so is God’s grace. His goodness. His mercy. His provision. His compassion. All I can say is hang on for the ride of your life! I have gained so much, so much more than I ever lost. I would walk through it all again.

      Lord Jesus, I lift my friend to you. I pray that you would wrap her in your arms, that she would feel your presence and your love like never before. Show her the beauty of her future, the beauty of having our lives broken. Give her a glimpse of the extraordinary future you have for her. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

  8. Hi, Dena. Just an update. I have been separated from my husband for more than 6 months now. He is still stalking me but I know I will be okay.

    I would like to request prayers for my friend’s daughter who is in an abusive relationship. She is currently about to go to the hospital because her partner beat her up badly. No matter what my friend says to her, she would not leave the abuser. She would even lie to the police just so this man can continue beating her up. Worse, she is planning on marrying him. She needs prayers. Thank you very much, Dena. And I will be waiting for your book. God bless you.

    1. Praying for you both. I’m so sorry. Praying God will open her eyes, show her she is worthy. Praying she will see herself through God’s eyes, as a princess worthy of love and joy and all the good things God has planned for her.

  9. My husband and I are separating for the second time. The first time was five years ago, and the five years since that time have not been good. This time he is more intent on divorce. We are separating and he is intending to work on himself and me on myself through the beginning of February when we will communicate again and see where we are at. Please pray for a divine revelation in both of our hearts as there has been much pain and hurt over our whole relationship. I would appreciate specific prayers that my husband will find a good church that believes in the covenant of marriage, but that more importantly is able to help him with the scars and guilt he has inflicted on himself and I have inflicted on him. God is being so faithful to me, but I’m not sure how I will handle if my husband comes to me in February wanting a divorce. He’s saying he won’t be trying to make a decision during this time of separation, but that he is just going to work on him. I’m praying for divine revelation between now and then as to what my husband may decide if anything so I’m not blindsided by the pain again. Thank you for praying!

    1. I’m so sorry for your pain. I think the uncertainty, not knowing what direction your marriage will take, is one of the hardest times. I know your heart is broken, but I love that both of you are taking some time to figure out who you are, to assess your responsibility in the situation. It will go a long way. No matter what happens, you have a long road ahead. I encourage you to seek strong, biblical counseling either way you go.

      Lord Jesus, I lift my friend to you. You promise to be near the broken hearted. Be near and comfort her heart. Draw her close to you. Give her peace in the midst of storm. Help her husband to turn to you, to desire a closer walk with you. Draw them both into your arms, into a deeper walk with you. Heal them. Heal their marriage. In Jesus name I pray, amen.

  10. I just saw your post today about Wrestling with God. I have feel I have been wrestling with God for a very long time. My wife has been distant ever since her parents passed away last year. Last year on our 24th anniversary, she told me she didn’t want to be married anymore. She said she wanted to just be herself and be a mother.

    This past April my wife filed for divorce and it will be final just after the first of the year. Over the last few weeks, she moved out and has taken all of the money from our joint accounts and left me with nothing to pay the bills. I am currently unemployed and have been looking for a job. My wife and her friends have been very mean and vindictive too. She ignores me when I ask her about the bills and when she comes to the house she barges in unannounced and brings several friends to remove whatever she wants. I have found she’s even removed some of my financial records. Also, she recently turned off the phone and internet, so I don’t have a way for potential employers to get in touch with me anymore.

    I have talked to my lawyer, but he is unable/unwilling to help because of my financial situation. He’s charged me $1,000 since she moved out and I am having to sell all my furniture to be able to pay him. He also notified me last week that he is withdrawing from my case and I will be on my own from now on. I tried getting free legal assistance, but they said I don’t qualify. On top of all that, my wife has turned our daughter against me and she won’t talk to me either. My wife and daughter are going on a trip to Hawaii for the holidays and I don’t know if she will turn off the heat and electricity. It seems to be acceptable for her to do all this, yet a man couldn’t do that without being called a bully.

    After an interview goes really well and I think God is saying “this is the job I want you to have”, they call to say they’ve hired someone with more recent experience in my field (i.e., younger). When will the wrestling end? A friend recently said “it sounds as if you’re Charlie Brown and God is Lucy when Lucy pulls the football away as Charlie Brown runs up to kick it at the very last minute.”

    I really need a miracle in my finances and within my family situation right now. I also pray for favor with employers and help to find a place to live soon. I am really praying for a Christmas miracle and that God will step into this situation and be praised. Thank you!

    1. I am so sorry! I want you to know you are not alone. I hear the same story over and over. The players are different, but I’m amazed how ugly and vindictive people can be. It makes no sense. I don’t know what God is doing or why he is allowing all of this, but I know he sees and he hears and he cares. I know he redeems even the ugliest, most painful circumstances. I know he is there beside you, walking with you through it all. I know he may be silent, but it doesn’t mean he’s still.

      lord Jesus, I lift Doug to you today. Hear his prayer. See his heart. You are the God who resurrects our lives from the dead. Bring him new life. Redeem his life, his pain. Do an amazing work in him so you can do an amazing work through him. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen

      1. Thank you, Dena and everyone for your prayers. The divorce will be final tomorrow and it seems like there is no end to my wife’s vindictive actions. She is supposed to pay me $1,000 to cover my health insurance, but she has decided to not pay it until the end of the month at her lawyer’s and her friends suggestion. The thing I can’t understand is that my wife and the friend she’s staying with go to our church and her friend is an elder there. My wife has always had problems with slander and gossip, but this is very extreme. I went to our counselor last month and showed him her emails and text messages. He said he would classify her as “very aggressive Passive-Aggressive and extreme Obstinate Defiant.” How do people justify so much anger, bitterness, and resentment like this? We all have to give an account for our actions one day. Doesn’t that mean anything anymore? I don’t have money to pay a lawyer or even to buy gas to file a motion at the courthouse to get any of this resolved. I’m praying that the Lord will bring an end to all of this very soon.

      2. Unfortunately, abusers/addicts tend to be manipulators. They have the ability to weave a story, garner support. They win people to their side. They may take an ounce of truth and create an entirely false narrative. My guess is this describes your wife. Add to that the deception in which Satan has her trapped, and it’s no wonder she has convinced others to take her side. It’s really sad how one can become so deceived. Please know that I am praying for you. I am praying for God to intervene, to show his perfect strength in your weakness. I am praying for Jehovah Jireh to provide for your needs. I am praying for the Great I Am to be exactly what you need precisely when you need it.

    2. Doug – I don’t know you but you message struck a chord. I am also an unwilling divorcee who has been robbed of what was promised. So I just wanted to encourage you that you have been prayed for today. I hope life improves for you.

      1. I am so sorry guys, I am a female and just came upon Dena’s ministry and I find it awesome. Divorce is like unto a death. It takes so much out of you. The other spouse can’t see that. Adultery hurts like heck. It hurts when you think you are loved and bam there it is smack in the face. You think you know someone until stuff happens. Never do you think someone can hurt you so much but there it is. It sucks!!! I have been divorced after 13 years of marriage and it has now been 19 years divorced. That’s too much of my life without the man I thought I would spend the rest of my life with. Marriage is a serious commitment before God and we are both to blame for the mess we made.
        Yes I am as much to blame as he. We were not equally yoked; I was in the church and trying to find my spiritual ground and oh so longed for my husband to join me, but that never happened. I simply want to say I am alone and expecting my second true love and God sent husband to come into my loving and open arms right now. Hold on; God is working on your behalf. Blessings. Doug I feel your financial situation but I won’t get into that. Don’t give up and I hope it is some what better cause it’s been a year.

  11. I’ve known Christ since I was 17. I have suffered much in this life. Sexual abuse that resulted in a pregnancy at age 15. My own parents aborted that child at home and I was never able to have children after that. I married at 18 after a suicide attempt. Stayed married 30 years only for that to end in divorce. There were also wonders along the way – we adopted a beautiful daughter!
    A year and a half ago, I was amazed to find a truly wonderful Godly man I loved dearly. We enjoyed every day together, laughing, traveling, helping others.
    Until one day last August when he suddenly died. I saw him suffer terribly for hours and die. No chance to say goodbye or prepare. More trauma and loss.
    I want to keep going and follow my Lord. I’m just so lonely and tired. I know His word and the promises he makes. I work all week and on weekends I just feel paralyzed.
    Would you please pray for me. I feel like I’m wrestling with God.
    Thank you, Deborah

    1. Oh, Deborah. I am so sorry. You have suffered more in this life than anyone should. My heart just aches for you. I know God will see you through and use your pain to help others. There are so many who have walked through similar pains who need to hear your story, who need to know they are not alone. I pray God will comfort you so you can comfort others. Lord Jesus, my heart aches for my friend. Her heart is broken. She feels as if life is over. I pray that you would comfort her, love her. I pray she would feel your presence as never before. I pray you would give her hope for the future, a vision of the amazing plans you have for her. I pray you would be her Great I Am right now. Let her know she is not alone, that she is loved deeply and intimately. In Jesus name I pray, amen.

  12. I just read this and it brought tears to my eyes. Doug’s story sounds like my husband’s story. When I met my husband two and a half years ago, his ex-wife had left him with nothing and he was helpless. She had taken all the money out of the accounts, the utilities were shut off, he was evicted, moved to a new apartment, and then lost his job. Worst of all, she was trying her best to keep his eight year old son away from him. That last part got worse before it got better; once I was in the picture, she denied all visits and phone contact, and he didn’t see his son for three months. This could have been avoided with a proper attorney, but he wasn’t in the position to hire one.
    To Doug, I would say you’re not alone. Others go through this stuff. Its not fair. And it makes you sometimes doubt God’s love and plan for you. It does get worse before it gets better. He takes you to the depths of despair, but then leads you to the most brilliant light by rebuilding you all over again. You long to live in that light so have faith. I pray for you to have faith and patience through the most difficult moments.
    For two and a half years, we have been on this journey of rebuilding life. When I met him, he was at rock bottom; he thought no woman would ever want him again. I was at a point where I felt I had led a selfish single life, and had in my own different way reached the bottom. I cried out to God, telling him I wanted to surrender and live according to his will, and a few months later I met this man with this mess. But I fell in love with him in spite of the mess, and God created something wonderful here. We are still working on a lot of things… rebuilding relationships with his kids, rebuilding credit and finances, and he just got a new job- a good job this time- that seems as if it will bless us for the long haul. Things are turning around now, and when we look back and reflect on where we’ve come from, we see that God has been our God through all of it.
    Doug, I hope and pray that your journey becomes even more beautiful than ours. I pray for the strength and faith for you to get through. I pray for the love of family and friends and fellow Christians to surround you. All I can say is, don’t have a preconceived notion of how things should go. But be willing to go in any direction He sends you. Submit to Him and he will make your paths straight.
    Most of all, know that you are loved.
    Your sister in Christ,
    Kristen in NJ

  13. Dena, I lost my father a week ago and I realize that I relied on him to be my source of security after my marriage failed. I have not experienced the overwhelming sense of comfort and love from the Lord that I had expected and had experienced while I was married. I have felt anxious, rejected. and empty. I know that this is not how a relationship with God should be. Please pray that my relationship with God will be restored and even closer than before.

    1. Lord Jesus, I pray for Jackie. Her heart is hurting in so many ways. Comfort her. Love her. Let her find her security in you. Show yourself faithful and true. Be her Great I Am. As painful as it is, I know she is in the perfect position to experience you as never before. Provide her daily manna. Let her see you fully and completely as never before. In Jesus name I pray, amen.

      (I, too, initially sought security in someone instead of in Him. I now see how God used that time to draw me back to him. Incredible memories of how faithful he is! I pray you experience that, too!)

  14. Your article “how to overcome an affair” brought tears to my eyes. After having been married 20years, with three beautiful children, my husband tells me he had an affair. He won’t say with whom, but I can see it in his eyes he doesn’t love me, and tells me “she makes me happy and I haven’t been happy with you”. I ask the Lord to take this from me, I begged him to rethink and I would be willing to change and to please fight for our family. I can tell he doesn’t even want to stop his relationship. This is just devastating. I never thought he would be the cheater in this relationship, everyone always thought he was a quiet loving family man. Your article gave me insight on how to cope and cling to God. I am clinging and can’t feel inadequate as a wife and mother. I need your prayers for healing and for the children.

    1. I’m so very sorry you are walking this path. Please know 1. It’s not your fault, and 2. You are not alone. The hurt and pain are impossible to express. It’s the deepest, most intimate betrayal you can experience. But, God brings beauty from the ashes. There’s a lot of pain to work through. It takes time and energy. But, cling to God and let him lead you through the wilderness. Let him do an amazing work in you so he can do an amazing work through you. He’s got you in his hands!
      Lord Jesus, I lift my sweet friend to you. I pray that you would be near her broken heart, bind up her wounds and restore her soul. Give her a glimpse of the amazing future you have for her. Give her courage and strength in the face of devastation. Be her great I am, exactly what she needs exactly when she needs it. In Jesus name I pray, amen.

  15. Dear Dena,

    I have been a Christian for almost 15 yrs now. Since I was a young Christian I have struggled to trust a sister in Christ with my heart. She has hurt it many times as she struggles with being loving to others. I find myself seized with fear whenever I have to interact with her on an intimate level since I never know when she’s going to try to manipulate me, fault find, or exert her power some how. My husband recently told me that my feelings towards her are reminiscent of those I’ve held toward my older biological sister as a child and young adult… I was bullied by my sister both physically and emotionally growing up. Outside of my relationship with my bio sister, I was bullied by other girls as a child… with one incident resulting in me receiving a black eye at the age of 13/14 yrs old.

    I remember someone in church telling me years ago, as I shared my frustrations towards this sister in Christ, that Satan gave me a name and a face, suggesting that I look within to fix the problem instead of looking outward.

    So why am I bringing all this up? This sister in Christ recently called me and left a message to call her back about something. Over the last 24 hours I have found myself gripped by fear over how the conversation might go awry; how unprepared I am to manage any form of manipulation she might attempt, how powerless I feel. I’ve come to realize that I do not fully trust God, as you shared in one of your posts, I am still trying to protect myself from harm, and it’s exhausting. I find myself more afraid of harm from man than trusting of God.

    If you would please pray for me, I hope to to grow in my trust in God. I hope to be able to truly trust him with all of my heart).

    PS: if you have any encouragement, wisdom, or guidance, I’m all ears.

    1. Hi Becca! I’m so sorry for your struggle. I admire and respect your desire to reach a place of fully trusting God. There’s no better place to be! Learning to trust God often means walking through fiery trials so He can step in and be the Great I Am, showing your His faithfulness so we learn to trust Him. It’s not fun, but it is very rewarding.

      Having said that, I also want to say that God does not want us to be subjected to emotional abuse (which is what the bullying and manipulation are). There are times when the best course of action is to set firm boundaries. For me, those boundaries are often to eliminate or greatly limit communication with the abusers, even if they are brother/sister in Christ. I know that I tend to be a door mat, letting people walk on me. I am very trusting and often find myself being used and abused. And that means that I sometimes have to simply say no to communication with some people. There’s one person in my life who cannot talk to me without yelling and making a huge scene. I simply refuse to subject myself to that treatment any longer. I cannot cut him completely out of my life, and therefore I chose to limit our interactions to written (text or email). I refuse his calls. I refuse personal interactions. And, it has given me the power in the relationship, and has greatly improved my emotional health.

      Lord Jesus, I lift Becca to you today. I know the pain and frustration of being subjected to emotional abuse. I know the damage it does to our emotional being. I know the joy of being set free, of stepping up and taking control of the situation. I pray that you would give Becca that same freedom. I pray that you would give her strength to stand firm in her convictions, to ban all attempts at manipulation. I pray that you would give her wisdom to see the manipulation and know how to respond. I pray for discernment to know the best ways to proceed. I pray that you would heal her wounds from her past so she can learn to trust you fully and completely. In Jesus name I pray, amen.

  16. hi denna,
    i am so encouraged reading through your blogs. I have been a single mom every since i gave birth to my son who is 6 years old and turning 7 this year. I would like to pray for god to give me directional in my life and help me be the best parent for my son. I am working so hard to help keep a roof over our head. I would like to ask for prayers of support and guidance in my life. My life is far from what i have always wanted but at 30 years old and raising my son by myself has taught me many things but i long for a more intimate relationship with god and trying to live according to his laws as a christian. Please pray that he continue to give me the strength to live another day and face all the challenges that is ahead of me.
    thank you for your posts,

    1. Hi Torika! I am so glad you are seeking God and seeking to be a godly example to your sweet son. That is far more important than any “complete” family could ever be! Be assured God will take your humble attempts to be what He wants you to be, and He will fill in the gaps. Sometimes our lives can be far from what we expected, but sometimes they become far better than anything we ever could have imagined.

      Lord Jesus, I pray for Torika. I pray that you hear her heart, see her desire to know you more deeply and more intimately. Draw her close to you. Help her know that if she seeks you with all her heart, she will find you. Help her know you have great plans for her, that she is your masterpiece created for a great purpose. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

  17. Hello Dena my husband of 16 years together 19 best friends since 7 grade has had an affair and left the home. He had the affair for 3 months told me and then left only to return 7 hours later and say he couldn’t leave his family. We got into counseling instantly and everything was going ok so I thought. A week after counseling he started seeing her again. She is half our age and has two boys. We have three children. I found out and he decided to let me go. My kids are devastating especially since they are alittle older. Sixteen twelve and nine. My sixteen is the only one talking to him. My middle one who was the closest to him has shut down and refused to see him. Out youngest doesnt want to see him as well. It’s like I don’t recognize him. I thought he would of never had done this to especially them. It has been 10 days and I feel so sad and lost. I’m praying and calling God to give me comfort. Why don’t I feel it.

    1. I’m so very sorry, Tanya. I understand. I don’t know who my husband was in the last ten years. He’s not the man I married. The good news is, there is hope. Life does get better. God does amazing things in the trials of this life. Surrender to Him. Ask Him to do an amazing work in you so He can do an amazing work through you.

      Right now, my life has been turned upside down again. What I would say about the kids is give them time. Encourage them to set boundaries for their own health. But also encourage forgiveness. Encourage honor. Encourage them to be the image of Christ. It’s a tough road. Sometimes they get it. Sometimes they don’t. But encourage it.

      Lord Jesus, I lift Tanya and her precious children before you. I know the hurt and the pain. I know the fear and frustration. And so do you. Help her remember that you have plans for her, for her children. Help her know that good days are coming. Remind her that no matter what her husband chooses, she is not responsible. Help her to find you, a deeper walk with you, an intimacy she has never known before. Let her know she is not alone…and never will be. In Jesus name I pray, amen.

  18. Hi,

    I messed up. Had been messing up for 10 years in my marriage. I spiraled down the barrel resulting in getting caught by the law (prostitution). I did not want to cheat on my wife (with my heart) and one pornography thing led to a massage parlor which led to something I am ashamed of even writing. My wife does not know the whole list of my sexual sins, nor does she want to know. However, God is dealing with me and He has not been weak in dealing with me (hitting where it hurt me most, my career). I have examined myself and realize Jesus Christ lives in me and my body is a holy temple. I have turned to a program that helps with addictions. I am praying that I may be restored. I strive for full restoration. It has been almost a year since getting in trouble, and I see how God has used this (getting caught) to get me to turn to Him – and value my marriage and family (love). I am surprised my wife has been so forgiving and gracious. I honestly can’t fathom how I spiraled into this sexual sin. I am the most disciplined person I know, yet the same discipline, I believe, tied me up. Your article, “What does it mean to walk by faith”, is exactly what I feel the Lord has been telling me. I don’t think people realize how dangerous sexual sin is and how prevalent it is. The Bible is clear on it, yet our world is so sexualized and becoming more and more so. The sexualization of everything (even cartoons) does not help. Shaming of this issue does not help either. If light is not shined on this issue it will remain in the dark with shame, resulting in people not getting help. I looked for help earlier on, but the churches I attended did not talk much about sex issues or local help is hard to find. Please pray for me that I can am strengthened to complete God’s work through me. I feel I need to be a light to this issue. If I can fall into this sin, I am afraid so to are many people, who have not been caught, yet. The pain and process has resulted in a lot of changes that I needed, but did not stop to deal with. Now I have been made to stop, and see Him (humbled).

    1. You are so right. People play with sexual sins without realizing the damage it does. And so many people fall into it by way of pornography. I am sorry you have fallen into this mess, but love that God is dealing with you and bringing you to repentance. I am completely convinced that one day He will allow you to use your story to display His glory.

      Lord Jesus, I lift my friend to you and pray that you would give him the strength to walk more closely with you each and every day. Change his life, fully and completely, by your power. Transform him into your image so that He can use his story to point the world back to you. I pray for complete healing and restoration for him and his family. Each day, may he seek your face and know you more intimately. In Jesus name I pray, amen

  19. Please pray for my husband and me. We’re both believers and have been married 27 years, and this past year, he cheated on me several times. I feel led to stay in the marriage and work it out, and we’re going through counseling. Please pray that he take full ownership and embrace Jesus and the recovery path God is laying out for him in a huge way, He also needs inner healing from the incredibly painful past wounds that were brought to light during this time, and that that erupted into this behavior., I’m praying that God will restore our marriage. I’m also asking for prayer for my heart to heal and be strong in the Lord
    . I’ve been working on continuing to grow and heal as well, and am still in process. Please also pray for my 21 year old son. He has wandered from his faith in God and struggles with anxiety, OCD, and abusing alcohol. His dad’s affairs have really hurt him I am believing for God to do great things in my husband, marriage, and son.

    1. Lord Jesus, I do pray for this precious family. I pray that her husband would take responsibility, be willing to fully surrender and submit to you. I pray for complete healing and restoration in their lives and marriage. I pray for the counselor to have wisdom to help them deal with their hurts and pain. Give them strength to get through each day, and give her the ability to forgive and cling to her husband. Restore as only you can. In Jesus name I pray, amen.

  20. Dear Dena,

    I just recently found your blog and felt blessed by your courage, volnerability, and wisdom. I’m currently in the processes of going through a divorce and am struggling deeply in my sole regarding my choice to move forward. The last two posts you wrote brought tears to my eyes; I’m unfortunately all to aware of the stinging pain and deep sense of loss and grief that comes and goes like the crashing waves of the sea. I’m writing in one respect as a prayer request but also to ask for some advice. The short version is, both of us where a mess for many years and did horrible damage to the marriage, but she doesn’t believe in divorce. She has always claimed to be a Christain and even works with or for church organizations. I’ve only recently started to truly understand what it means to have a real personal relationship with God and it was born out of immense emotional pain. I struggle with an overwhelming sense of guilt, shame, and the knowledge that I’ve significantly hurt my children. My question/prayer request is: how can I forgive/accept myself for going through with the divorce while also feeling like if I was being the Christian man that God has called me to be, I should be able to bear all things, love, accept, give grace and mercy, and so on – eventually demonstrate true love – laying my life down for my wife and family just as Jesus did (which oh by the way without love we have nothing)… Even though I know that I’d be returning to an extremely dysfunctional, unloving, controling, neglectful relationship (16 years, predominantly unhealthy hurtful years)? If I’m trusting God, shouldn’t I be able to endure and find happiness anyway, shouldn’t I be there for my kids more than part time instead of leaving them to muddle through so many things on their own? I feel like I’m constantly going back and forth but still moving forward with the divorce because I don’t see any real change in her. PS. I was a really crappy husband in many ways for many years (mostly early on) and hurt her deeply on several occasions and had no comprehension of what I was doing or how it would effect the long term servivialbblity of the marriage; when I realized (10 years ago just how badly I’d hurt the marraige), I tried so hard for years and years to overcome the mistakes from early on but it seems her heart was hardened and she left the marraige in every way except actually moving out years ago. Over the past 5 years I watched in horror as she replayed my every evil and then some under the pretext that she was doing the lords work (serving as a youth leader) but became a complete absentee mother/wife and consistently sought out “friendships” almost exclusively with other men (competely fell in love with her boss). When I found out, it was like someone took a slug hammer and hit me in the head with it – it was like my world shattered and I’ve been desperatly trying to make since of it ever sense. I live out of state but go visit my kid as often as I can (at least monthly) and during those visits, she seems to keep trying to initiat sex but that’s it – she won’t talk about anything that happened, won’t discuss what I felt, saw, thought, nothing, she makes me feel like I’m crazy and just made everything up? I was holding down a ful time job, doing the bills, laundry, soccer practice, dinner, shopping, cleaning the house, homework, you name (we have three kids) – she was gone with this guy for about a year almost exclusively when I finally lost it. But because he was working for the church and married everyone rallied around her and him and acted like I was crazy because I couldn’t prove that they did anything. We went to marraige counseling for months before she finally left (I gave her an altimatum that she had to completely disengage from him and work on the marriage or leave – she choice to leave and told everyone it was because her father was dying of cancer). She comes off like a total self righteous, emotional detached robot, even now she is saying she’s willing to go to counseling but she seems to lack any emotional intelligence or the ability to self reflect so I just feel like I’m signing up to drag out the mess while she gets the house, money, non of the bills, has family near by, has the kids – I’m living in an appartment alone, trying to figure out where to start to put my life back together. I’m not seeing anyone romantically and could go back to the marraige but????? So am I being strong for leaving what I see as a very dysfunctional, unhealthy marraige or weak for not being the man God desires for me to be? I know that’s a lot, sorry.



    1. Can I just say I’m so sorry the church has treated you this way? I, too, was the one that finally walked away. I knew I had done everything I could to keep my marriage together. But I couldn’t (and God wouldn’t) force Him to change. He exerted His own free will.

      I stayed in there until I knew I could walk away with no regrets. And that’s when God set me free. He gave me permission to walk away from the emotional pain and damage, from a “marriage’ that was robbing me of my personhood.

      You need to know that God loves you and forgives you, that your sins have been thrown as far as the east is from the west. There is no condemnation in Christ, only abundant love and grace. He has chosen you as His masterpiece, created to do good works that He has planned before time began.

      Review the Word. See what God says about you, and cling tightly to Him. He will carry you through!

  21. My name is Brandon, and I am asking for prayer for my ex-wife Devon, though I still consider her my wife in my heart. We were married for nearly 3 years, and the entire marriage was out of Gods will. I lived in sin constantly, I was unfaithful and dealt with a strong addiction to lust. At the breaking point I begged for her to stay and I pleaded. She gave me another chance and for 5 1/2 months I was devoted and did not step out of our marriage. But this April 7 she told me she couldn’t get past what I had done and divorced me. Since then I’ve given my life to Christ and have been broken at His feet and have asked for Forgiveness of my sins and am living a changed life. The list I dealt with before has been lifted like never before and my whole spirit is changed. I pray every day for God to touch her heart and restore our marriage and so I ask you to pray for Devon. She is the love of my life and I absolutely do anything to have our marriage restored. Thank you so very much.

    1. Praise be to God! So excited you have found the freedom and peace that comes through a relationship with Christ. What a beautiful testimony of His transforming power.

      I will definitely pray for your relationship, that your wife will find the love of Christ. I pray she will experience the forgiveness of God so she can extend that same forgiveness. I pray God will give you the ability to demonstrate your love, your changed life, and that through that love she will find the love of God.

  22. Dena,
    I appreciate your love for the Lord.

    Praises are lifted for the strength He has shown through you. What a blessing for us to read your blog! My heart is lifted and hope renewed.

    However, it is my relationship asking for prayers. I have been unemployed over 2 years now. My partner is a musician and invested money in recording and production of his music for years. He feels God-led to his music. He writes, sings and has performed the instrumentation when no one else would work with him. Last year, he walked out of a performance group due to conflicts with convictions and personal conflict. He struggles with depression and joblessness.

    I was the head of household, teaching middle schoolers for the past 15 years. Daddy God has given me multiple chances to experience pain or closeness to death: triple-negative breast cancer (36 weeks of chemo + full barrage of radiation near my heart!), I suffer from periodontal disease and have lost most of my teeth, while working I tossed blood clots through my heart to end up in my lungs (for 11 days!), currently I suffer from chronic migraines (the cause of jobloss) depression and anxiety attacks.
    I have felt His presence through each struggle. My relationship has strengthened with each trial. I could write much about the daily reminders that reached me in my lowest moments. Jesus gives me strength daily!

    My partner places blame on me for bills piling up, for lack of ability to record more music, and other inadequacies. I hear him say he loves me, and wants to be a good man, but he won’t get a job, won’t take care of himself and says he has been forsaken.
    I love this man, yet I am listening to God’s clear message for me to take better care of myself. It took a few years to get through my thick skull O:-). Now, I struggle more with my toxic partner.

    Please, pray for us both.

    May our heavenly Father’s love shine through,

    1. Oh, Dawn. Your message is so powerful. Your spirit and faith shine brightly, like a breath of fresh air. I am so sorry you are struggling with your relationship. Yes, God cares about us. He wants us to care for ourselves because we can’t care for others if we aren’t here. Listen closely to Him, and walk in obedience.

      Lord Jesus, my heart breaks for Dawn. She has walked through so much, so much pain and illness and devastation. You are a God of freedom. I pray you would set her free, that you would show off in her life. I don’t even know what freedom looks like for her, but you do. Give her divine guidance and direction, wisdom and clarity. Give her strength to walk forward in obedience. Reassure her of your precious love and grace and mercy. In Jesus name I pray, amen.

  23. I ask that you prayer for a career for me. My career path has not been great the last few years and I cannot seem to find my fit. I know God wants me somewhere, I can’t seem to find it.

  24. Please put my Sister, Brother-In Law and my 2 Nieces in your prayers. Tomorrow is their only son/brothers birthday, he would have turned 30. My heart breaks for our families as, a young man taken at 23, the scars do not heal easily. He was my son’s “brother”, which just celebrated his 30th birthday yesterday.

  25. Please pray for peace and healing as my 33 year marriage is ending in divorce. I found your blog as a was searching for healing from divorce. I was never going to be divorced, When I married it was for life. My husband is choosing to end our marriage so he can live a gay lifestyle, something I’ve suspected for years, but he refused to deal with. Now my life and my heart are in a million pieces. I am doing my best to trust that God has a plan for me through all this, even though I’m having a difficult time seeing that.

    1. I’m so sorry for your pain. Can I just say you are not alone? I’ve met a number of people whose husband’s have also left for a gay lifestyle. I can’t even start to imagine your pain, your confusion. God does have a plan, and in time, He will reveal it to you. He will give you a vision of the future He has for you. It is only because we have been hurt that we can be healed. It is only because we experience pain that we can plumb the depths of His love. Hold tight to Him. Let Him lead you every step, every day. He will not fail you. And you are definitely in my prayers!

  26. Glad to find your site.
    I’m asking for prayer for our children.
    My wife filed for divorce last Christmas.
    Unforrunately,she,isnt,willing to see a counselor or put any effort into reconcilliation.
    We did not have a healthy relationship and had taken our eyes off from Christ.
    Our children have been alienated from me and their family. There is no willingness from my wife to co-parent and let me love on our kids.
    I,agree with you.God hates,divorce.
    It is so destructive .I see loving relationships with grand parents and extended family being destroyed.
    I hope for healing for our children.
    I pray the light will drive out the darkness.
    Bless Y’all

  27. Hello im having a really hard time. My boyfriend ive been with for 15 years . Has cheated on my 3 times . 2 years ago he said he need to stay out of town for work . It was around Christmas time . He sent to Florida to visit my family for Christmas because he was going to busy around then so i should go home .so i did and i stayed 5 days and came back . New year’s eve he was going to working so i could ot see him . In march i got a butt call from him and it was him talking to a women . Like they have been together for awhile .well they have been seeing each other a year are so before that. So to make along short we are still trying to work it out but he has not come home yet. The women knows that im still in the picture. But he is not honest with her and me. U love him very much im trying to be posstive about it and pray .but its really hard . Reason he gives me is because he needs someone who makes money . And she has a great job. And house she just bought . But the other part is that i have been helping his family from day one . Dad. Brother . Niece and nephew then his mother they have been living with use off and on for a long time . The mom has dementia and her other 5 kids didnt want to help so i ad her 24 . 7 the last 2 yrs . She went to a home because she was getting to bad and i wanted to pull my hair out. So i dont know what ro do now . Move on or wait and see. The i feel will sufer the most cause no one will go visit her and she will stuck there. I feel like God has given me some signs but im not sure which one to follow. And im all alone here . I cant work because i hurt my back 3 yrs ago at work .work pending treatment still. I g hought he really loved me after all this time .. i cant believe money is important to some people . I have love and support for home and his family but i guess thats not enough for him . Please give some advice i go to church every sunday and take his mom to with me she needs me and i need her .. im on depression meds now and pain pills to help me get through the day. Some days i dont t feel like i can survive this anymore. Thanks

    1. Hi Carol. I’m so sorry for your pain. Can I be totally honest? If he cheats now, he will cheat later. And you are worth so much more! You are worthy of love and respect, of honesty and trustworthiness. You are worthy of being treated like a Princess because you are a child of the One True King.

  28. Carol I feel your anguish over this. First I hear you say that you have been with this man for 15 years and heard nothing about children. Is there a reason why there has not been a marriage proposal out there. I decided one day that I was God’s little girl and that I am beautiful and I have given myself over to Jesus Christ and with that came no more fornicating and that I was worth marrying if I am supposedly good enough to take to bed.
    Don’t beat yourself up over relationships; read Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 and that will help.
    I understand that you really care for this man for you to consider hanging around to see what he will do. Don’t look for him to validate you; our Father had already done that.
    Love you for yourself and not others.

  29. Thank you thank you thank you for sharing your story about divorce! I, too, grew up in church and in fact, my father was a pastor. Divorce was frowned upon and was not an option if you were a “true” Christian. Much to my surprise I went through a terrible divorce after 10 years of marriage and two kids later. I’ve always carried guilt and shame with me. I lost friends that thought I should stay in the marriage no matter what. When I made the very hard decision to file for divorce I left the small town I lived in with my two kids and moved away. I couldn’t stay there because of the shame and guilt I felt from others. Now looking back I know I should not have felt that way and shame on others for making anyone feel that way. Today I am happily married to the man of my dreams and we have been married for 9 years. I am so happy a friend shared your article on her Facebook page. I wish I could have read this all those years ago when I was going through my divorce. Thank you for being so open! God bless you!

    1. Thank you, Diana! As a former pastor’s wife, I understand the shame and condemnation…the disqualification from ministry. I have carried my share over the last 7 years. I am so glad God has allowed me to share my story, has given me a platform for proclaiming His grace and freedom. There is no greater joy than to know my pain has not been in vain!

  30. I survived the holidays, but barely. God’s grace is sufficient. God blessed my children with wonderful gifts under the tree. I managed to do Christmas a final time with the almost ex for the sake of our precious children. It was so hard not to just sit and cry and cry. I love my husband dearly, I’ve prayed for him throughout the 21 years of our marriage. Please pray for him, he’s so lost and hardened. It’s like he believes the lies he says about me, telling of the monster I have been. While I’m not perfect I Know I was a loving, caring, supportive wife, partner and friend. My 15 yr old daughter suffers from headaches, body aches, constant vivid nightmares and the great fear that I will leave her too. My 9 yr old son fares a bit better, but not much. A deep sadness haunts his innocent eyes. When he cries it’s the most agonized emotion I’ve ever witnessed. Pray for the broken hearts and wounded souls of my children. They fear their dad, no longer know him and grieve the man they have lost. I drown in betrayal so deep. The pain and sadness reach the deepest parts of my soul. The devastation is so complete. I know God loves me, is for me and never leaves me. Yet I feel so alone. I grieve the loss of adoration, closeness and security that only a loving husband can bring. I was once adored by him, now his eyes are filled with disdain and hate for me. I’m so bewildered, what did I do to make him treat me this way? What makes him say and do the terrible things that he does so proudly now? As life as i know it falls apart please pray that God will show me how its all falling into place. I feel like I’m forever broken…..

    1. Dear, sweet Stephanie. I feel your every word, reliving the death of my own marriage. So much pain and devastation. It’s like he believes the lies he says? I believe they do. I believe they tell the lies so often that their brain begins to believe the lies, maybe a defense mechanism to insulate them from the pain and responsibility of who they have become. Just know this: you have not done anything to deserve this, to cause this. It’s the result of a hardened heart far from God. You will not only survive; you will thrive. You will find the love of God that is deeper than the ocean. You will find joy greater than your imagination. You will find healing that makes you stronger than before. And your kids? They will make it, too. It’s a long, hard journey, but there are many blessings along the way.

      Lord Jesus, I lift my friend Stephanie before you. I pray for an extra dose of joy and peace tonight. I pray your faithfulness is abundant, your joy unending. I pray your healing is poured out over her and her children. Hold her close and carry her through. In Jesus name I pray, amen.

      1. Happy New Year to you and your awesome children! I hope you are coping well still. I have not seen very much of comments or stories in a while. Is it because I’m not on Facebook? Take care of you and your family. I pray for you Joy, Peace, Hope, Love and a very prosperous Year.☺

        On Jan 6, 2017 7:35 PM, “Dena Johnson Ministries” wrote:

        > Dena Johnson commented: “Dear, sweet Stephanie. I feel your every word, > reliving the death of my own marriage. So much pain and devastation. It’s > like he believes the lies he says? I believe they do. I believe they tell > the lies so often that their brain begins to believe the lie” >

    2. Stephanie,

      Your words are so familiar because they express the pain I have felt as well at the loss of my wife to a life of sinful delusion. We grieve not only for ourselves but for our children deprived of a home with both parents. I hope you have a close friend you can confide in who will listen whenever you need to just talk. It’s hard enough to get through this but it’s impossible without the support of others. Keep praying for your husband, but know that you won’t die without him. You can survive, just hang on, and on the rough days (I know, they are all rough), think of your children and how much they need you.

  31. Plz pray in agreement for God to restore my 30yr. old son’s vision after his recent eye surgery.

    Plz pray in agreement for he and his wife’s baby due in June to be healthy and normal.

    Plz pray in agreement for my 1st grandson’s ear infections and RSV to be healed. Plz pray that he can stay healthy.

    1. Father God, we lift Debbie and her family to you today. You are the Great Physician, the One who is able to heal and restore. Father, we pray that you would restore the sight of this 30 year old man. Heal his eyes as you have been doing since the beginning of time. Bless him and his wife with a healthy baby. Help this precious grandchild to stay healthy. Even as I sit here with the flu, I know how frustrating illness can be. But we call on you in all your power to pour out your healing on this family. In Jesus name we pray, amen

  32. Oh Dena my story is so much like your own. I too have 3 children and a husband who after having an affair with a married woman decided he no longer loved me and wanted out. I’ve now been thrust into an unwanted divorce. I have full custody of my children and they are doing surprisingly well thanks to God above. I have seen so many blessings in my life over the past year, though. God really has been good… to me. We call our home the blessing house because I prayed for this home and God answered every one of my requirements down to the artificial turf in the backyard (we live in the desert).

    What I need prayers for today is my job situation. I currently work a few days a week but need to go back full-time. I need prayers to understand the direction God has planned for me. I think he is telling me to wait but I’m unsure. We have full-time positions at work right now, but they don’t seem to be the right fit. I’m just waiting for some clear signs or peacefulness from God about my career decision. Any prayers would be appreciated. Thank you!

    1. I love your heart! It’s so much fun to see God’s hand of blessing in the midst of the most painful circumstances of our lives. He is truly good!

      Lord Jesus, I lift Erin to you today. You know her heart. You know her needs. Give her your wisdom, your direction, as she walks through these days. Provide the perfect job for her at the perfect time. Open her eyes to see your direction all around her. Give her your peace as she seeks your face and your provision. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

      1. Oh my goodness. I am overwhelmed by a stranger taking time in her day to pray for me. Thank you so much for your kindness. I really appreciate it so much.

  33. I loved your post about valentines day that i read today. So happy you have found love again!

    I am needing prayers for healing from severe anxiety, a new job and Gods will in my life. Id love to find a wondeful man of God soon. My unwanted divorce was finalized in 2015. I can see now how God did rescue me by getting me away from an ungodly person who did not love me. He has healed my heart so much since then, but im feeling stuck in limbo with nothing promising happening in my life. I need healing over anxiety and a new job. Thank you for agreeing with me in prayer. I am so ready to see new things from my Lord. God bless you!

    1. You know, it took me a good three years to really begin to see God’s healing. You are doing just fine, and I know that in time He will give you complete healing. I will absolutely agree with you in prayer that God will bless you with peace and a new job. I encourage you to read and meditate on Isaiah 26:3 and Philippian 4:4-10.

      Lord Jesus, I lift Kaylene to you and pray that you would wash over her with your perfect peace. Help her to focus her full attention on you, to grow in you. Provide a job for her, one that will provide for her needs and give her the confidence she needs to grow and become all you’ve created her to be. Show her the joy of walking with you, of seeing your faithfulness. In Jesus name I pray, amen

  34. I am not divorced but my marriage is in turmoil. My husband and I have been through a lot din our 8 years together. He was hurt in the coal mines resulting in a disability that prevents him to work anymore. I had an affair which I deeply regret and have came clean about. I was saved in April of 2015 and even though I am new to the whole religion thing, I can’t help but have this nagging fantasy of a life without my husband in it and I absolutely hate myself for it. My husband has not always been the best husband as immaturity and selfishness has gotten the best of him. We have two young children, my oldest not biologically being his. Anyone looking into our lives would say it’s perfect but I just can’t make myself love him the way he deserves. He has turned into a great man, and improved more and more everyday. My inability to love him has sent me into a deep depression. I also have a hard time with my faith because it seems as if God is pushing me out the door of my marriage and making me hate myself more and more. I want to love my husband more than anything and love my life. I just wish it would start to fall into place. I really really want to love my husband and have the friendship/relationship with him that marriage is meant to be. Please pray that God softens my heart and changes my feelings toward my husband. Please pray that he starts working in my marriage to save it. Will God let my family perish and a divorce happen if neither me nor my husband wants it? Please help and pray for us

    1. Hi Ericka, I’m so sorry for your pain. I know the fear, the anguish, the hurt. I also know the joy of seeing God heal me, give me a new life, resurrect my life from the grave. And I know He can do the same for you and your husband. It’s a long, hard journey, but it’s in the journey that we learn to trust God, to see His faithfulness. Surrender. Trust Him to take your mess and give you a message.

      Lord Jesus, I lift Ericka and her family to you. You know all the hurts, all the pains. You know the pain and the anguish. You know the deep-seated insecurities. You also know how to heal them, to make their marriage far greater than they could ever ask or imagine. Pour out your power and your love, your healing and your grace. Give them a love for one another that they never dreamed they could have. Resurrect their marriage from the grave. In Jesus name I pray, amen

  35. Thank you so much for your prayers. I hope that God does that for me and my husband more than anything. Please keep praying for us

  36. Please pray for healing upon me and my family (we are struggling with mental illness, depression and anxiety for many years).
    Currently I am facing intense warfare in my workplace, pray that God will open a door for me and deliver me from the evil one.
    And lastly, please pray that the Spirit of God will lead me to the right church, so that my family and I can experience the fullness of God (have attended a denominational church for 15 years but there is little growth in spiritual life).
    Thank you and God bless.

    1. Lord Jesus, I lift Michael and his family to you. You know his pain, his needs. You know the answers. I pray for wisdom as they seek your face, your direction, your healing. Only you can provide for their needs. Pour out your power and strength on them all today. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

  37. My husband and I need so many prayers. We both attended church when we were dating (even met at the Christian University we both attended), but haven’t had a home church since marriage 2 1/2 years ago. He told me a month ago out of the blue that he wanted a divorce because of depression, but then changed his story last week. He admitted to having an affair for 4 months with a coworker. He said that we wasn’t sure if he wanted to stop seeing her or stay with me to work on our marriage. He’s not communicating with me at all and hasn’t been at home either. Please pray that I can build the spiritual resources to either go through a divorce or the process of rebuilding trust in our marriage, all while having the patience and peace to wait on God’s guidance. I don’t hear Him speaking to me yet and need Him so much right now.

    1. Oh Jessica! I am so sorry for your pain! My heart aches for you as I know exactly what you are experiencing. I pray God pours out His wisdom over you, gives you the direction you long for. I pray He gives you strength to walk through the dark, painful days. I pray He gives you patience as you seek His face. I pray He gives you vision for the beautiful future He has for you. And I pray He focuses your mind to hear His sweet voice whispering words of love and comfort to your soul.

  38. Please be praying. Going through a difficult divorce after a 27 year marriage husband filed. Please be praying for my 3 children and my infant granddaughter I am helping to raise. Many of these stories sound similar to mine. Tried to make marriage work. Husband walked out. Please pray for husband to turn his heart to God.

    1. I am so sorry! So many stories of such long marriages suddenly devastated by a hardened heart. But God is so loving, so faithful, so wonderful. I pray He comforts you and binds up the pieces of your broken heart. I pray He blesses you and your children as you walk through the pain and destruction. I pray for your husband to turn to God, to surrender so He can see what it is to experience the goodness of God.

  39. I need prayer concerning my a job. I risked everything to return back to my home and family and to be honest, I feel that GOD has failed me. I am considering becoming an atheist because at least I won’t experience so much hurt and pain when GOD does not come through. I am in desperate need of work. I am educated and qualified. I apply and get interviews,but nothing has panned out thus far. I don’t know what else to do. I have done all that I know how to do. I have prayed to the point of where I only have whispers. I am angry and upset, hurt and confused. I thought GOD would come through for me. Please pray for me. Thank you.

    1. God is there. I recently wrote an article about how sometimes we don’t see God in our present situation, but we never know what He is doing behind the scenes. You never know what work He is perfecting and how at the perfect time it will all pan out. I pray God provides for you and shows up in a great and mighty way. He loves you greatly!

  40. Grace and peace be with sister Dena,
    First of all thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    My name is Omar Machado,
    I’am going through the same storm you when through. It’s been about a year since my divorce, and yes l was angry, mad, and wondering why God allow this to happen. I prayed and fasted for God to restored my broken family.
    Waited and waited and nothing! I came to relize God was restoring me to him. It was hard for me to expect this, becsuse it was not what l asked him to do. But when l started to relizes God’s will and purpose for us in this life the more my prayer for my spouse became less about God bring us back together, and more about God bless her with what she need to find the fear of God, for God’s purposes, and God’s will!
    I wouldnt want to say what sin my ex-spouse is in cause we all sin one way or another. But we know what is of God’s and what is of satan’s in this world. The devil soul purpose is to completely destroy us, he doesnt just stop on divorce, he’ll keep telling us lies till we lose total trust in God or wrost we take our life.
    The only thing we have is to obey God even when it is hard to do, to trust in his will for our lives, “for his ways are not our ways” allow him to direct our lives to his great purpose.

    Yes it’s so hard, it’s A EVERY DAY BATTLE a spiritural welfare, every day we need God in our lives. Just pray for me and broken family and for my ex-wife that God may restore us to him first!

    Thank u Dena, for this. God is using you for a great purpose, keep on the good fight my sister may God bless u in your walk. Again thank so much.

    Loving brother Omar Machado

    1. Yes! I think so often we make reconciliation (or any other promise) an idol. We cling to an answer to prayer rather than to God…and sometimes we are disappointed. Our goal should be to love God wholeheartedly no matter the outcome. That’s where we find the joy.

      Praying for you to be strengthened and upheld in the battle, dear friend. Can’t wait to see how God sustains and rewards you.

  41. Good morning Dena, i too have experienced and can relate. The infidelity and hurtful pain. The stress of being a single parent is tough. God has been there for me as well and provided. Yet I believe I am a weekend alcoholic. I work and take care of my son who is in high school. He is such a wonderful responsible son. I just want to stop drinking. I have prayed for years regarding this and I ask God to please take away the desire. This is a secret that most of my friends dont know because i dont drink in front of them. Please pray for me.

    1. Oh, Vivi. I’m so sorry. I encourage you to seek out a Celebrate Recovery group of another 12 step program. God will carry you through. Praying you find God’s strength made perfect in your weakness.

  42. I am a divorced wife that had an affair before my second marriage and all through the marriage until my husband tried to kill himself and finally asked for a divorce. After he left I really wanted my marriage because I knew that God had put us together. I purposed in my heart that if God ever brought us back together I would live the life that I should live in Christ. He went on to marry soon after to help the pain I’m told. We reunited after seven years and he told me he has never gotten over me. He is now going through a divorce and I been the friend to him that I should have been from the beginning. I just want prayer to heal his heart. He truly deserves happiness. His name is Knovin. Please pray for him to have peace

    1. I love a good redemption story, and seems that you have one. I stand with you! And I pray the God of all comfort wraps your ex-husband in His arms and holds him tight. I pray He finds the perfect peace that surpasses all understanding to guard his heart and mind in Christ Jesus. I pray He gives you words of love and comfort to minister to him, and that He does the mighty work as only He can. In Jesus name I pray, amen.

  43. Hello, I request that you kindly pray for me to find a husband now. I have been praying for years and I keep going from one dry season to another. I feel that God is not answering my prayers and I’m reaching my breaking point. I have actually told myself that after this month of June, I will stop praying for a husband as I feel that I’m not getting anywhere with this. I feel devastated. Thank you.

    1. Oh, Mary! You never know what God may be doing in the background. I encourage you to make sure you are clinging to God, and not a promise. Find your satisfaction in Him. Trust Him with your future no matter what He might have planned. I spent seven years praying, trusting, seeking. What I didn’t know is that God was transforming a man, a man I had known for most of my life. He was right before my eyes, but I couldn’t see it until just the right time. He loves you more than you can understand!

    2. In my experience, you can’t only pray for what you want; you must also pray for God’s will to be done, and ask him to show you the things to pray for.
      As a single woman, I dated promiscuously looking for the right one that would turn into my long term partner. I did not find my husband until I humbled myself, literally sobbing on the floor. I asked God to help me be my best servant to him. I said, “Help me either be a better single person or help me find a man who will partner with me to serve You, because I can’t go on this way any longer”. I wanted to only pray for a partner, but I became willing to accept being a celibate single woman for life if it was how God wanted me. Crazy right, but honestly I was ready to give it all up. Think of Abraham really honestly about to sacrifice Isaac.
      I met this breaking point and prayed this prayer in May, and in August of that year was introduced by a mutual Christian friend to the man who would become my husband. Because I said yes to His will, it isn’t easy: I married a person with flaws and problems (like me), and I deal with a lot of stuff I would not deal with as a single person. But I keep at this sometimes stressful marriage because God made it clear to me that this is His will for me; helping my husband with his problems is my way I am meant to serve the Lord.
      Honestly think to yourself how much do you want a husband, versus how bad do you want to serve the Lord and fully embrace him. How much are you willing to let go of your plan or desire for your life- put your own version of Isaac onto the sacrificial altar? Once you humble yourself, you will be given more blessings than you ever had planned on. He may show you a way to keep your plan for marriage, or show you a much better plan for you.

  44. Dear Dena,
    I stumbled across your page and found your story very helpful. I’m in a different situation and wanted to know your thoughts. I’ve been divorced since 2010 and have been in several relationships since then. I’m a Christian who knows the lord. I met a man earlier this year and we started dating. He is very sweet and knows God as well. He works overseas which wasn’t a problem for me. We quickly started talking marriage. I was alone one day praying and praising God when I heard Gods voice tell me that this man is my husband, that he loves him(God) and he loves me. To love this man with all my heart, pray and Give. I heard the lord tell me about his role he would play in the church and bits of details about the life we would have together. I wanted to abstain from sex and give my body back to Christ however I put myself in a position to be tempted and gave in to my temptations. Always Making excuses that we’ll be married soon. It’ll be ok. Well, just recently I found out that he has been cheating on me and that he also has been doing some drugs from time to time. I was heartbroken and devastated. He promised me that it would not happen again and that he didn’t want to lose me, that he would do whatever it took to make me happy, even counseling. He says with me he feels that with my love he can see himself being who God has called him to be. As of right now we’re not together, but we still communicate from time to time and express our love to each other. I know And believe that I hear from God but this has caused me at moments to question if it was just my own hearts desires or did my disobedience of having premarital sex change Gods plans for my life with this man. Could this still be the path God has for me? I truly believe in the man that God has him to be and what we can be together if we only summit and be obedient to God and Gods word. As I recommit myself and body and develop a closer relationship with Christ do I continue to believe that this was all apart of Gods plan for my life. Could we still have the potential to be in Gods plan for a holy marriage in time to come?
    Sent from my

    1. I don’t believe premarital sex is the cause. I believe you found a pretender, one who says whatever is necessary to get what he wants. I hate to sound harsh, but that’s certainly how it appears.

      As for hearing God’s voice, I TOTALLY understand. I know several years ago God told me I would marry a certain man…and He confirmed it repeatedly. And then that man walked out of my life. I still don’t understand, but I do know how glad I am that I DIDN’T marry him. There’s so much more, so much better about where I am. I know my relationship with him served a purpose, but whatever the reason it just didn’t work out the way I thought. I think sometimes we hold onto a promise tighter than we cling to the promise maker. I had to surrender my promise to the Savior and let Him remake it.

  45. Thank you for addressing the topic of divorce with such candor and grace. It’s like a breath of fresh air. I’ve been divorced for almost a year now. I was married for 10 years and decided to leave my ex after years of being told I was the reason he was chronically suicidal. I prayed for years that my husband would give his life back to God (he was a Christian when we got married, but rejected God and Christianity shortly thereafter) and that our marriage would be restored. But years later we were still in the same broken mess with him refusing to get any sort of help for his depression and suicidal tendencies. I was really torn about the Biblical mandate that divorce is never an option, but in light of all of the emotional abuse I felt like God released me to leave. I believe that God rescued me. He has given me favor and gotten me back on my feet. The problem I’m having is that I still feel very condemned about choosing to get divorced. When I read scriptures about marriage and divorce, I can feel myself becoming defensive. I can’t figure out how to reconcile the Bible’s black and white position on divorce with what I know to be true of the personal God that rescued me and is redeeming my life. It constantly makes me feel like there’s a wedge between me and God. It makes me feel like I don’t know how to read the Bible anymore… like maybe I’ve forfeited my right to access it’s truth by choosing a path that contradicts it’s standards.

    1. Oh, sweet friend! I don’t think it is so black and white! Take Malachi 2 where it says God hates divorce (depending on the translation it says that). But if you read the context, it’s not the divorce He hates (or because divorce is some great sin). He hates when a husband mistreats his wife. He hates when a wife is treated like a piece of property instead of one to be loved and treasured. And He hates divorce because of the pain it causes His children. Even Jesus. If you read the context and study up on the culture, you’d probably find more to His statements, more of a protection of the abused wife who had no rights in His time. I think so much of the divorce discussion has been misinterpreted and used to keep us in bondage in dangerous marriages. That was never His plan. Not only do you not need to be ashamed, but if you are hearing accusations, you can be assured it comes from our accuser, Satan. He will tell you you forfeited your rights, not God. Tell Satan to go away because you choose to believe the truth, that you are a beloved child of the one true king, a treasured possession, a holy people. You are a princess in whom God takes great delight! Hold your head high! God is proud of you!

  46. As I am trying to gear myself up to file for divorce after years of chronic stress living with a man with PTSD, major depression, and anxiety, trying to meet the needs of our special needs son and spunky daughter. A year ago, I took the kids and moved out in a hurry (safety issue) and I’ve been with my mom ever since. Now my mom has a reoccurrence of her cancer and I know we need to leave again, but my finances are entangled and not great, and I’m scared to be without her help because I don’t think I can manage daily life with my son without the extra help.

    Tonight, I opened a new children’s bible I got for my son and saw the story of Jacob wrestling with God all night. I had forgotten about that story so I googled it and came across an article by you, which brought me to your site. I really feel like God was leading me here to find hope in others who have been through this! There is grief, anxiety, anger, disappointment, loneliness, pain…but also hope for better days ahead.

    Please pray for me and my family! I know there are going to be even harder days ahead and I feel like we’re all already limping along.

    1. Oh Katherine. God is good! He gives us just what we need at just the right time. And I know as you walk through this season of trial, He will carefully provide for your every need. I know the struggle of finances, divorce, PTSD, and even a special needs child. I know the burden, the exhaustion. I also know the goodness of a faithful God who carries us, wrestles with us, changes us forever. And I pray you find that same intimacy.

  47. Dena please pray for my children and I during this terribly hard season of life. I lost my job just following maternity leave with my youngest daughter who is now 16 months. Since then, everything has crumbled. After crying out and asking why, which is not usual behaviour… Father God gave his only son for the sinners in this world in which has given me a place to belong however in my moment of complete anguish over so many devastating events that have now lead to a life my daughter’s don’t deserve I feel hopeless.. Or was feeling hopeless before fnding this article. I’m worried about my girls terribly and need all the praye possible

    Thanks in advance & God bless you!

    1. My heart breaks for you. I understand the depression, the fear, the pain. I encourage you to surrender to the journey and let God do a mighty work in you so He can do a mighty work through you. I pray His abundant grace will wash over you, His provisions poured out over you. I pray He tenderly cares for your every need, showing you that He is more than enough. I pray you hear the tender whispers of your Father because He is near the broken hearted. I pray you experience two blessings for every pain as He turns your mourning into joy.

  48. Hello, Dena! Thank you for your ministry! I’m going through the “surrender stage,” if you remember your post “3 Beautiful Ways God Transformed My Desire” from CrossWalk! Being a Christian for so long, I never truly desired God nor His Word, but I can’t change myself. I’ve tried, but it always ends in failure. It saddens me that I just don’t add up to a “real Christian”; I feel God just forsook me and kicked me to the curve. My heart is just too hard, cold, dark, and broken to seek after God on my own. I need Him to change me! Anyways, I would like your agreement and prayers about:

    – My desires and knowing God! Pray with me that God would reveal Himself to me, complete my surrender, and transform my desires like He did for you!
    – The dark side! Teach me whatever lessons I need to learn from my addictions and problems and deliver me from my addictions!
    – My eyes! Pray with me that God would restore my eyes (lens, retina, vision, everything!)
    – My sister and my employment! Pray with me that God would reveal to us our “perfect jobs” He has for us at this point in our lives. Pray that He “make it happen”—move circumstances in His favor to hand us the jobs He desires for us. May His favor be upon us.
    – Draw a crowd! Pray with me that the Holy Spirit would draw people to my group exercise classes—people who enjoy my style!

    Than you so much!

  49. Hello Dena.

    My name is Katey, and I just happened upon your post, 3 Beautiful Truths Every Divorced Christian Needs To Know. I read it and I just cried and cried. Back in March 2017, my husband of four years just randomly asked for a divorce. I had no idea anything was even wrong as he had played the perfect husband up until that point. It wasn’t long after that I found out he had been seeing someone he worked with for months, lying about it. To this day, he still denies his infidelity, but before our divorce was even final, she was moved into our apartment and they were dating officially. He wont even apologize for what he did, and for the most part has erased the past 7 years we were together from his life. It crushed me for many reasons. One, because I felt like I was replaceable and two, because I felt like God had forsaken me and had forgotten me. I was so angry with God that for a time, I decided I didn’t want anything to do with Him. That didn’t last long of course as He wasn’t going to let me go. I have been trying my hardest to move on from this, to let it go, to pray, to seek God in all things, but some days I feel like I’m going to break. I have good days and bad days, but lately I feel like they are more bad. Some days I can’t help but sit and cry, wondering what God is doing. Some days I feel like I am used up with nothing left to give. Before my husband, I dated someone for 7 years and he too cheated on me. I just can’t help but feel like I’m not meant to find love, and that I’m not lovable. I’m not trying to put limits on God, but why would He allow me to endure the same pain twice?

    Please pray for me during this time.

    God Bless.

    1. Oh, Kathy! My heart aches for you! I so understand everything you’ve written, every tear stained word. You are beautiful and deeply loved and cherished. One day, God will have you put together and on your feet again. Can you send me your email? I’d love to send you a copy of my book manuscript.

      Please know I am lifting you to the Father, praying He will heal your broken. I ask the God of new mercies to flood you with His peace, to do a mighty work in you so He can do a mighty work through you. I pray He completely restores and renews you, doing more than you could ever ask, hope or imagine.

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