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It’s Not My Fault!

I am so tired of the myth that it takes two to cause an affair. It simply isn’t true.

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Trouble In Paradise

Our blissful first week of marriage was interrupted by a major test: I found my new husband on a dating site! A mutual friend knew we had just gotten married, and she sent Roy a picture of his online dating profile on a dating site known as Bumble. Just imagine having walked through adultery and… Continue reading Trouble In Paradise

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The Two Types of Adulterers

The more I talk with people who have walked the dark path of adultery, the more I realize not all affairs are the same. I have a dear friend who walked the dark, painful days of adultery with me. Her husband had been a pastor at a local church when he had an affair. Through… Continue reading The Two Types of Adulterers

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An Open Letter to Lysa TerKeurst

Dear Lysa, I read your blog Rejection, Heartache, and a Faithful God today. As I read the words, I couldn’t hold back the tears. A decade ago, the tears I cried reading your words would have been tears of anger, disappointment. I would have been upset that yet another well-known ministry couple had succumbed to… Continue reading An Open Letter to Lysa TerKeurst

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Definition of a True Friend

Life falls apart. Unfortunately, it’s simply part of this…life. For example, Job lost everything. He lost his wealth, his servants, his children. Wave after wave of loss hit him, without time to even breathe between crises. He was left mourning, devastated, in despair. When Job’s life first fell apart, however, he was blessed with some… Continue reading Definition of a True Friend

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Shame and Guilt…No More!

“For I hate divorce!” says the Lord, the God of Israel. Malachi 2:16 I’ve heard it quoted by so many people. It’s been thrown in my face, reminding me what a sinful person I am for walking away from my marriage. I’ve been told I am required to live a celibate life until my death,… Continue reading Shame and Guilt…No More!

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The “Pendulum Swing” of Female Sexuality

  I'm so excited to have a very special guest post this week! Shannon Ethridge is the best selling author of The Every Woman series and the Completely His series. I'm currently enrolled in her BLAST mentoring program as I seek to follow God on this crazy journey of writing and speaking. Please take some… Continue reading The “Pendulum Swing” of Female Sexuality

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Behind Closed Doors

“He is a charismatic leader at church,” the email begins. “Everyone loves him. They believe everything he says. He has managed to turn everyone against me. But they don’t know the man he becomes behind closed doors.” I receive emails similar to this almost every day. Male and female. Young and old. Emotional abuse is… Continue reading Behind Closed Doors

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My Chains Are Gone

I'm taking a little break this week...not really by choice. My "thorn in the flesh" has decided to rear it's ugly head this week, and I can't seem to think straight. I promise to tell you more about that later. I decided to take the opportunity to share the story of my friend, Chris. If… Continue reading My Chains Are Gone

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Help Wanted!!

I am nearing completion of my book manuscript. How exciting is that? As I pray through each chapter, I can only ask that God will use my words to bring hope to hurting people around the world. I pray that those walking through the pain and devastation of adultery and divorce find practical steps to… Continue reading Help Wanted!!