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Why Did I Stay? Part 2

The next time you hear about an abusive relationship and wonder why anyone would stay, think about me. Leaving isn't as easy as one might think.

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On the Church and Divorce: Thoughts About Paige Patterson and the SBC

The last few weeks, a firestorm of controversy has erupted in the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). Allegations against Paige Patterson, now president emeritus at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, have been made public, allegations that include his stance that women should stay with their abusive husbands and his mishandling of a rape on a seminary campus… Continue reading On the Church and Divorce: Thoughts About Paige Patterson and the SBC

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Behind Closed Doors

I wrote this article a couple years ago. It has come to my mind repeatedly today as I have been debating how the church (particularly the Southern Baptist Church) deals with abuse in marriage. Unfortunately, many want to continue to turn a blind eye to the abuse and destruction that is so prevalent. Many fail… Continue reading Behind Closed Doors

Emotional Abuse, Faith, Grace, Surviving Adultery and Divorce

Behind Closed Doors

“He is a charismatic leader at church,” the email begins. “Everyone loves him. They believe everything he says. He has managed to turn everyone against me. But they don’t know the man he becomes behind closed doors.” I receive emails similar to this almost every day. Male and female. Young and old. Emotional abuse is… Continue reading Behind Closed Doors