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I’m crying UNCLE on 2016! Can I just say I’m over it? It seems I enter every year with great expectations, waiting for God to totally blow my mind with good things. So far, I’m still waiting… Let’s review the last six months. My oldest had surgery in December. A very painful surgery. My kids… Continue reading Uncle!!!!


To the Fatherless Child on Father’s Day

A decade ago, I was a happy pastor’s wife staying home to raise my three children. We were the picture of the perfect family. Then, my perfect life was ripped to shreds. Lies. Infidelity. Betrayal. Immeasurable pain. And suddenly, I was a single mom struggling to raise my three precious children on my own. Without… Continue reading To the Fatherless Child on Father’s Day

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Famous In My Father’s Eyes

WARNING: Proud Mama Moment!!! My sweet daughter asked if she could write a guest post for my blog. How can I say no to that? Without any help, she came up with an amazing story of encouragement! So, without further introduction, here's Cassie telling us about her calling.   Hi! I’m Cassie, my mom’s favorite… Continue reading Famous In My Father’s Eyes

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Waiting for My Boaz

February means Valentine’s Day. A day to celebrate love, that special someone who cares for you like no other. A day to remember how blessed you are to have one who knows you—the good, the bad, and the ugly—and loves you anyway. An opportunity to celebrate that there’s one person out there who has chosen… Continue reading Waiting for My Boaz

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Lessons from Buddy the Elf

My kids and I sat down to watch the movie Elf recently. Despite having watched this movie many times, we found ourselves laughing, enjoying every silly line from a movie that quickly became a classic Christmas favorite. My oldest child is abnormally tall…especially for my family. The doctor even referred to him as a mutant.… Continue reading Lessons from Buddy the Elf

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Living on the Edge

I am NOT a risk taker. I tend to place high priority on safety, security. I like to be in control, plan ahead, know what’s coming next. I thrive in an orderly environment. As a child, I played it safe. I knew what I was good at (academics) and what I was not (sports). I… Continue reading Living on the Edge

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Save Me!

  There was a man named Jabez who was more honorable than any of his brothers. His mother named him Jabez because his birth had been so painful. He was the one who prayed to the God of Israel, “Oh, that you would bless me and expand my territory! Please be with me in all… Continue reading Save Me!