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One of God’s Greatest Gifts

She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future. Proverbs 31:25 Have you ever had a really good laugh? I mean, one of those laughs where you find tears streaming down your face? A laugh that keeps you going for days? A laugh that just feels so good and… Continue reading One of God’s Greatest Gifts

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Life as a Model

When Cassie was about two years old, everyone was gathered around the dinner table. As I sat the food on the table, Cassie looked at me and innocently said, “Mom, you did d--n good.” I’m sure the shock on my face must have been priceless. I looked quizzically at her dad, his face as confused… Continue reading Life as a Model

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Dena and the Blue Bow Tie

Have you ever done something humiliating out of complete innocence? Embarrassed yourself because of your own naiveté? Kept that mistake buried for years? When the secret came out, you had to live with the humiliation for the rest of your life? I’ve made two such mistakes. The two biggest mistakes of my life (well, maybe… Continue reading Dena and the Blue Bow Tie

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Merka Man and McCrary

As I mentioned last week, I recently returned to my college homecoming. I had seen on Facebook that there was a group planning a get-together before the football game at Van’s Pig Stand, a local and student favorite. I decided to meet up with the group. I had no idea what I was walking into…… Continue reading Merka Man and McCrary

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Lessons from a Loogie

Several years ago, I took my kids to the local amusement park. One of their favorite rides is known as the Schooner. It’s a large ship with rows of seats. It swings back and forth like a pendulum, going higher and higher. My kids love to be in the very top row of seats. On… Continue reading Lessons from a Loogie

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Redneck Princess

I am a Redneck Princess. Let me tell you a little about myself and my family. My Grandpa was born in 1911. He was the oldest of seven boys (bless my great grandmother’s heart). Because he was the oldest, he was basically the ranch foreman—responsible for looking out for all of his younger brothers and… Continue reading Redneck Princess

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Single…And Hating It!

I am single…and hating it! I’m sure there are many singles who would say they hate it. They would tell about the loneliness. They might tell you how they long to have someone with whom to share their hopes and dreams. Or, maybe they would talk about the longing for a companion, someone with whom… Continue reading Single…And Hating It!



Who can find a capable wife? She is far more precious than jewels The heart of her husband trusts in her and he will not lack anything good. She never speaks an unkind word to him, always builds him up and encourages him. She is his biggest cheerleader, in private and in public. She works… Continue reading Supermom!!

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A Simple Christmas

Christmas is tomorrow, and I don’t know what my problem is! I normally LOVE Christmas. I’m one of those people—you know the ones who put their Christmas decorations out at the beginning of November. I enjoy all of the sights and sounds of Christmas, and I want to have more than enough time to enjoy… Continue reading A Simple Christmas

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When Life Beats You Up…

Really? I stood looking at my boys a few days ago, and I just burst into laughter! My kids look like they have been to battle—and were on the losing end! About six weeks ago, my younger boy came in and said he had hurt his thumb playing football—the same thumb he hurt playing football… Continue reading When Life Beats You Up…