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God-Sized Dreams

Now I sit here, facing my crisis of belief. Will I step out in faith? Will I trust Him to do what only He can do? Will I believe He will provide?

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A Prayer for Christmas Hope

The thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices, For yonder brinks a new and glorious morn. Fall on your knees, O, hear the angel voices. O, night divine. O, night when Christ was born. O, night divine. O night, O night divine. Lord Jesus, as we celebrate the season of Christ’s birth, there’s nothing that… Continue reading A Prayer for Christmas Hope

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A New Perspective

I settled into my seat on the last leg of my flight home after a simultaneously encouraging and exhausting weekend with other writers. I wrapped up in my blanket from my new friend, Denise, anticipating my arrival home and longing for the love and presence of my precious family. As I looked out the window… Continue reading A New Perspective

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When You Don’t Get a Hollywood Ending: Three Lessons from the Movie I Can Only Imagine

I’ll never forget the first time I heard I Can Only Imagine. Our church’s youth group had just returned from a Texas youth event where a new band had sung their debut song. It so impacted our youth and workers that they came back and played the song for us. Now, the story behind the… Continue reading When You Don’t Get a Hollywood Ending: Three Lessons from the Movie I Can Only Imagine

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A Prayer for God’s Blessings

Father God, as we pause before you, we seek your blessing on our lives. This journey is hard, filled with heartache and pain. We often find ourselves down, wondering how and when you will come to our rescue. We struggle to get our feet under us, to see how our lives will ever come together.… Continue reading A Prayer for God’s Blessings

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My Knight in Shining Armor

Monday. The word can strike fear into the hearts of the most courageous person. And this week, Monday hit me HARD. I woke up with my head pounding, sending waves of nausea throughout my body. I stumbled out of bed and found the ibuprofen, swallowing it and praying for some quick relief. I grabbed a… Continue reading My Knight in Shining Armor