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Why Roy? What to Look for in a Partner

Some of our high school friends have questioned why I chose Roy. Here's my answer....

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Three Truths About Divorce

The Word of God as a whole is about love and grace, about second chances. God is a God of forgiveness, of setting prisoners free. He is a God who redeems all things and brings beauty out of our broken lives.

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Calling All Prayer Warriors

It’s hard to believe Roy and I will soon celebrate our first anniversary. Our year has been…indescribable. There have been incredible moments of joy. We have enjoyed the companionship. It’s been great to watch him bond with my kids, to see him step up to the plate as the dad my kids have always wanted.… Continue reading Calling All Prayer Warriors

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Lessons From the Blender

We are nearly ten months into this whole blended family thing. Ten months. Sometimes it feels more like ten years. Marriage is hard. Second marriages are harder. Blending two families into one peaceful, cohesive whole is incredibly hard. Add a lifetime of painful circumstances hitting you in less than ten months, and it could be… Continue reading Lessons From the Blender

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My Knight in Shining Armor

Monday. The word can strike fear into the hearts of the most courageous person. And this week, Monday hit me HARD. I woke up with my head pounding, sending waves of nausea throughout my body. I stumbled out of bed and found the ibuprofen, swallowing it and praying for some quick relief. I grabbed a… Continue reading My Knight in Shining Armor

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Life in the Blender

Several years ago, I was stressed…Really, really stressed. One evening I came home from work and told my kids that as soon as dinner was over, I was going to my room. I expected them to take care of themselves and allow me the evening to relax…alone…with no interruptions…in my room…my sanctuary. As I was… Continue reading Life in the Blender