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Why I Am Pro-Divorce

Divorce will always break my heart...just as it breaks my Father’s heart.

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Life as a Trapeze Artist

A few years ago, I took my kids to the circus. It was the first time they had ever been to a circus, and they were SO excited. They sat transfixed as the lions and tigers and bears entered the ring, led by their trainers. They laughed—belly-laughed—as the clowns acted like clowns. They sat transfixed… Continue reading Life as a Trapeze Artist

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A Prayer for Filling

Lord Jesus, I’m desperate. Desperate for strength. Desperate for renewal. Desperate for fresh breath. Desperate for change. I am worn and weary. My strength fails me. My heart, my body…they fail me. I need YOU. I need a fresh dose of your power, of your Spirit. I need a fresh filling of your strength, of… Continue reading A Prayer for Filling

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Where’s Your Security?

“Get your security from me,” God whispered to my heart. It might have been a whisper, but His voice was louder with each passing day. I was in the midst of some of the most painful days of my life. My husband had been caught in an affair, and despite my attempts to reconcile, I… Continue reading Where’s Your Security?

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A Legacy of Billy Graham

The last two weeks have been filled with the news of Billy Graham’s death…or more appropriately, his grand entrance into eternity with his Savior. When I first learned of his death, I was preparing to attend the funeral of a college friend of mine, a man who left this life way too soon but most… Continue reading A Legacy of Billy Graham